First Appointment Today (Updated)

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First Appointment Today (Updated)

My first appt is this afternoon at 3:30. I'm very excited and scared!! Still waiting to hear from my DH to see if he is going to be able to go with me. A good friend is going to watch DS so that he doesn't have to go along! Hoping to maybe get a peek at this LO!!!!

Update: My appt went really well! My husband ended up being able to go with me, so that was nice. We had to wait for quite awhile, but later were told that the dr. had to go deliver a baby real quick! (the office is right in the hospital) I really liked the dr. She did my pap and then got to see my LO on the U/S! We have a heartbeat! We weren't able to hear it or get a reading, but we saw it! Yeah! It looks like I am measuring about a week behind what I thought I was, but she was having a little bit of trouble getting a good measurement because of the position of the baby and my uterus. She confirmed that I would be considered high-risk because of my history of HELLP Syndrome with my DS. She has reffered me to a perinatologist who will follow me also. I go back in two weeks for some bloodwork. I love her office because everything is right there, lab, u/s, hospital! I'll stop rambling now!!:D

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I hope everything goes well this afternoon! KUP! Smile

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Hope it's going well!

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Hoping that everything went well Smile

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Hope you had a great appt!! Update us when you can!

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Yay for a heart beat and a good appt!

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Yay! Congrats!

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That's great! Glad your DH was able to go with you too!

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that is awesome Smile yay for a healthy bean Smile

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Yay! Congrats on a great appointment!

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Congrats on seeing the heartbeat!!