First irritating comment about size

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First irritating comment about size

I was checking out at Target today and the cashier ( a girl maybe 19 or 20) asked how I was. I said, great just trying to stay cool (it was 98 here today). She said "Oh , I bet you're ready for that little one to come". I said "actually, I still have 3 months to go". Her jaw dropped and she looked at my belly and said "are you having twins?". I said "nope, it's just one". She said "wow, it must be a really big baby". I resisted the urge to jump over the counter and slap her and instead just basically ignored her comment. Umm, hello, I'm almost 6 months pregnant and have a foot long human being inside me! Of course I have a belly! I'm really not that big. Prob a little smaller than I was with my last at this point. I know she was young but still, I hate those dumb size comments. People would NEVER comment on your size when you're not pregnant so why do they think it's ok when you are?? OK, rant over!

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People just dont think. When I worked as a cashier (high school and in collage) I would NEVER have said that to a customer... I might have made small talk, asking when they were due or how far along they were (only if they were OBVIOUSLY pregnant), but I would never have been that rude... talk about a way to lose your job derr. I would have just said "I can see how someone so young, who has never had a baby, would think that. Now, I wonder what your manager would have to say about it ?"

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I like your response Kier! lol

People don't think at all!!! I had someone ask me a couple of weeks ago if I was nervous having another since I already have one baby (DS was in a baby carrier on my back, so he probably looked younger than 19 months). What happened to congratulations?! Blum 3

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What is wrong with people?! I swear most people don't think about what they say, at all, before they say it.

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"belindab" wrote:

People would NEVER comment on your size when you're not pregnant so why do they think it's ok when you are??


Sounds like a pathetic attempt at small talk...gone WRONG. Sorry you had to deal with that. If I remember your last belly pic you posted, you don't look big at all-you look fantastic!

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I work in the office of a retail store and when one person becomes pregnant everyone thinks all the other girls are pregnant which is weird. Pregnancy's usually come in three's here for some reason (I'm still the only one this time though).

I have had two friends who work out on the floor come in last week and tell me stories of customers asking them when they were due, what they were having, how it's so hot outside it must be hard to be pregnant. These are both girls who are short and petite and I couldn't imagine thinking that either one of them is pregnant.

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some people just don't have a censor. Or maybe they just don't know what else to say and get nervous and that leads to diarrhea
of the mouth.