First prenatal appointment

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First prenatal appointment

Well, today was my first official prenatal appt with my family Dr. All she did was take my blood pressure and tell me about the different screening options. I'm going back to her in 1 month for a complete physical. In the meantime I have a ton of blood work to get done (testing for hepatitis, HIV, etc as well as my bloodcount). She's also referring me back to the OB/GYN who was involved in my cervical cone biopsy in 2005. She will most likely order an u/s of my cervix. I should be able to see her in about a month or so.

Between 11-13 weeks I will have my IPS blood work and NT scan. Whatever the results are, we'll deal with it then. I'm already so nervous. I pray that nothing is wrong with this baby. My Dr said that her mom had her when she was 43 and she also has a cousin who had a Down's baby in her 20's. So just because I'm 38 doesn't mean my baby won't be normal. I have friends older than me who had perfect babies.

I'm trying to think positive thoughts.....:happy3:

Oh, one other thing, she put me on Folic acid 5 mg since I'm considered a "higher" risk. Is anyone else taking that dose?

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I am taking 4mg folic acid because of a previous baby with a birth defect which may be neural tube related.