Full Blown Nausea Again

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Full Blown Nausea Again

Its strange but it has returned. I have been feeling sick to my stomach and even thrown up a few times over the last few days. Today it's been just like it was when I first got pregnant. I forgot how much I hate this feeling. I actually had to pull over and throw up in a parking lot on my lunch break. I had to do the exact same thing on Sunday. (For some reason it always really seems to hit me hard in the car. I think b/c of the motion.) Anyway, this happened to me 2 days before I went into labor with DS. I would say that this time the nausea kicked in some time last week so its been way more than 2 days and I haven't had the baby, but it still makes me wonder. Smile I feel like it is just a sign that my body is gearing up for labor or something. Anyone else feel like this?

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I've definitely heard this can be a sign of labor! You're 38 weeks so it can definitely happen. Smile

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I heard the same about diarrhea which has been off an on for 8 days so far. And then I have had a couple days where all of a sudden I have had some reflux or throw up come up to my throat and burn out of the blue which is abnormal for me. I hope the nausea eases or is meaning baby is on the way!!! I saw in your other post 3 cm already! Zilch nada here except for daily contractions that do nothing adn the above symptoms. Boo. But I can say within 1 week, I should be holding my LO although I secretly wish she would pick her own b-day before then. My FIL who passed away has a b-day this Saturday, that would be something. Tomorrow is my parents anniversary as well.
GL and can't wait to hear updates!!!!!!

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I had all 3 (throwing up, diahrea, and a huge increase in heart burn) the couple of weeks before having Kellen. I also had the stumach flu twice. The day I went into labor I could barely eat, and felt horrid after forcing myself to eat some cereal. I also had diarhea that day. But it was the pain that really got my attention Sad

Hoping that your little guy shows soon Smile

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I have such bad nausea lately, but I can't stand doing it anymore that I'm still on meds... not that they are working. But my Dr. has said it's ok to take gravol once in a while. I'm pooping up a storm for the last month... But I get some BH, nothing big. 39.3 and as done as I am, he isn't ready yet.

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That sounds terrible Sad

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ugh. I think mine has finally slowed down. It only took me getting to 37 weeks. i hope yours slows down dramatically.