and the fun continues (L&D Visit)

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and the fun continues (L&D Visit)

This morning I woke up having a lot of cramps. As I got up, got the littles through the bath, and dressed, i noticed that wee dude wasnt moving. And, the cramps got to the point that they were doubling me over. I got a call from the school saying that DS1 could start school today. So, i took him in, and then called my new ob. They had me go to L&D to get monitored. I went in, got hooked up, and was def contractiong. They did a fetal fib test and checked me... Cervix still high and closed, from what the nurse could tell.
They wanted to monitor me a bit more and wait for the fib test results. While on the monitor wee dude started having d cells. The nurse came in, had me lay on my left side, but it still wasnt going up.
Then, she had me switch to my right side and it came back up. I was on the monitor for a while, and he had a couple more d cells before the doc came in. He came in, looked everything over. Since the fib test was negative, and i wasnt dilating, he wasnt too concerned about the contractions at this point. He said the d cells could be that wee dude was laying on his cord, or even grabbing it. Because it only happened a couple of times while i was there, and he looked great other wise, he was comfortable sending us home. He said that the fact that wee dude is running out of room, and his amnio is on the lower side, and position, that that is probably why I am not feeling him move as much. Plus, at the end they do start sleeping more. When I go in for my first official appt on wed hes going to do an us to look at his growth and amnio levels again. Now I am home, laying on the couch while the kids watch a movie. Dh came to the hospital for a little over an hr after i called about the heart rate drops, but then went back to work... Now hes gotta work late to make up those hrs. Oh well, well be ok Smile