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Funny Story

Ok - so i had my 7 year old niece again today, and she was playing on the computer (something other than dolls for once!) and normally if she's on the computer i have her next to me so i can see what she's doing but THE ONE TIME i had her sitting across the room from me she goes "Aunt Riss, come here, I want to show you something - this is what happened to you..."

I walk over and she's watching the sperm meeting the egg to form a baby!!! I was like "WHA??? Where'd you find that ??? what are you looking at?" lol, she said she saw it on a movie her mom was watching once, so i asked her "so mommy knows that you know this?" and she said 'well not really i just saw it on the tv that she was watching'. turns out my SIL was watching 'look who's talking' and my niece caught glimpse of that scene.

i still think this was hilarious - i made her sit next to me for the rest of the time she was on the computer, because i was afraid of her searching how babies were

she was asking what the white fishies did, and all and she kept calling the umbilocal cord the extension cord, LOL, she cracked me up ...

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omg!! That is HILARIOUS. It sounds like you handled it well. My 6 yr old knows that daddys have sperm, and mommies have eggs. That the mommies and daddies put them together in the mommy's belly and that the baby grows in the mommy's belly till its big enough to come out. Its just enough information for them at that age, and he has yet to ask how the egg and sperm get in there, so thats a discussion for another time. He has also asked how the baby's get out, and I just ask him what he thinks. He knows that mommys have to go to doctors to get them out (havent had the whole home birth discussion with him lol), and he is pretty sure they come out of mommy's butts... but he also knows that some mommies have their tummies cut open to get the baby out. if you talk to them like its a normal every day thing, giving them age appropriate information, then it doesnt turn the whole reproductive process into a weird thing. Also, my kids know the correct names for body parts. There is no reason to dumb it down, or use cutesie names.

I would def. make her stay right by you when the internet is involved. you never know whats going to pop up lol

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Too funny! I was totally thinking of Looks Who's Talking before you said that. I still remember seeing that scene when I was young too.

My DS is 6 and he is clueless about sex so far. He has yet to ask me where baby's come from, but I think that's because he thinks he already knows the answer. One day he told me that when the mommy & daddy are ready for a baby, then God just puts the baby in your belly and it grows until it's big enough to be born. Then he asked me how it's born. I explained that its supposed to come out of your private part, but there are some mommies have to have the baby come out of their belly if there is a complication. He did not believe me about the private part!! He thought I was kidding him or something. Now he believes me because he saw A Baby Story and the woman was pushing out her baby. He said, "Oh so that's what you are going to do when you have this baby?" And I said yes. Surprisingly he didn't seem too freaked out once he saw the process. I guess it didn't seem so weird to him after that. Smile I mean, it's really not weird at all but I guess little boys are so goofy about their privates and it's all silly to them so he coudln't understand why a baby would be born that way at first.

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Oh wow! That is funny! Now Ihave to make sure my DD doesn't watch that movie! She was already watching a baby story and asked why everyone was looking at her peepee! lol! My DD is also 7.

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That's funny. I remember that scene from when I was a kid too. My kids are so little, they just know that mommy and daddy love each other and made a baby, and that they baby is in mommy's stomach. I have to have a c-section so they know that mommy will go to the hospital and the doctor will take the baby out.

My DD actually asked the other day if we could go to the Hospital so the doctor could take the baby out now. She's upset because it's harder to cuddle with her and she has to be more careful around my stomach.

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Oh that's too funny. My cousin had twins 10 months ago so DS just knows that God puts the babies in a mommies tummy. Then one day I was watching where the heart is and Natalie Portman was yelling from the labor so now he says when it hurts real bad you screen and you go to the hospital and the doctor takes out the baby.