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Anybody have any experience with fenugreek, blessed thistle, or the lactation teas?

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I drank mother's milk tea with DS. No idea if it really boosted my supply or not since I wasn't concerned about my supply. I just love hot tea and figured I should drink something helpful and avoid caffeine. It definitely did not hurt my supply one bit.

I know a fair amount of women who check in the BFing board have used fenugreek. I just know to take enough to smell like maple syrup.

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I've always had abundant supply, but I did find that I was always a little more full after having some oatmeal. Fenugreek is good, but like Jackie said you have to take a lot. I never found much benefit from the lactation teas, but like I said I already had lots of milk.

This may be way out there for you, but Koreans firmly believe that seaweed soup increases milk production. I don't know if it does, but it's a very healthy soup and any way you can get extra fluids in is good.