Getting close to birthday time!

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Getting close to birthday time!

Hi ladies! Hope you are all well and so are your little Nightlights!

I can't believe the first year is almost over. I love, love, love having an infant and all the milestones and cuddles they come with. Smile I'm already missing my sweet, sleepy baby. But she is growing into her own little person now. It's so exciting.

So...what are you all thinking as far as birthdays go? I'm thinking about a fall themed party. Or maybe just something girly. I love frou frou frilly stuff for baby girls, so it's my chance to do what I want with a little princess before she turns into a tomboy! We tend to go low-key for the first birthday. Just immediate family, grandparents, cake and gifts. My other kids love birthday parties, though, so we'll do it up with some decorations around the house. I'm looking for gift ideas. Piper is getting bored with the same ol' rattles and teething toys. We have some light-up sound-making toys from the other kids, but she needs something new to occupy herself with while I'm busy with the other kids/housework and can't keep an eye on her army crawling all over the place. Suggestions?

A little update: Piper is pulling up (finally) and started to cruise this week. She still army crawls (no real crawling at all). She still has ZERO teeth, but they sure are tormenting her! I wish they would cut through already and put her out of her misery. She isn't very vocal yet, but does babble "mamamamama" from time to time. Slowly we're working on table foods. I get really worried and on edge with it, though, because all three of my older kids have given me choking scares (not at this age-they were older, but still scary). It is the worst feeling in the world. So we tend to go slow with that.

How are all the babies doing?
Birthday party ideas?
Gift ideas?

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awww. Big girl Smile It is crazy how fast baby hood has gone Sad Kellen is just about a toddler Sad Hes crousing and walking with the help of a walker. He can stand with just a hand to lightly brace himself. He is so little (just got into 3-6/6mo clothing) its funny to watch him. He says mom, dada, something that sounds like hey, and the other day he looked up at me, put hospital hands up in the air, and said somethibg that sounded like up Smile He also has no teeth but with the way hes knawing on things it must be too far off Smile as far as presents go he is getting a travel shape sorter, some blocks, a pound it peg thing, as well as a tunnel to crawl through. Other toys he likes are his dragon with the hard balls that you put in different slots and they roll, another that shoots balls out that looks like an elephant, and toys like that. Oh, and anything he can pull himself up on or crawl through Smile

As far as his party goes its going to be pretty generic. no decorations.

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we didn't get a chance to do anything for Sam's birthday but I am thinking of doing something in November for when he came home from the NICU

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Hey ladies! Smile

Zoe is 11 months today! She's starting to pull up to her feet, but is constantly pulling herself to her knees. She's starting to talk some which is strange to me since her brother wasn't saying anything in the least bit till 18 months. Just "all done" and "dada" are consistently being used a lot. Still my happy baby. Hanging around 20-21 lbs still.
Next month I'm having a joint party for her and her brother (he's turning 3). Princess and Knights theme. Can't wait! Having the party back home with the grandparents, extended family, and old friends. She's just getting a few old toys of her brothers, but I think the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen will be the biggest hit. My son LOVED it, so no doubt Zoe will too. Toys that Zoe already plays with, but my son didn't get till one: wood blocks, chunky toy cars, musical instruments, mega blocks, fisher price little people toys, and those Melissa and Doug wood puzzles with the knobs.