getting discouraged

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getting discouraged

I'm starting to get really discouraged...i hate all these evaps. Every time I'm in the 2ww I test like crazy saying I don't care, but then by the end of it...I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be pregnant and am let down.

We have been fortunate that we get pregnant so easily (first try with Eli and 2nd cylce with Charlotte) I guess I've taken that for granted.

I'm also sad that dh was excited for another one...but now he isn't and doesn't want me to be pregnant.
i'm really sad and depressed now.

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Hopefully you just O'd late. Maybe DH will came around. It's easy to get scared of having another baby.

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I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged. It's hard not to though when you want something so badly. Really hoping your DH comes around and you get your BFP very soon!

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Head up! I think DH's are just scared sometimes. Kevin was always for/against/hot/cold. Both times we got pregnant (one m/c) he decided right when I got fertile that "oh maybe another month", lucky enough I got a little spermy in right before that.

I think guys dont like to set theirselves up for failure, so especially during the 2ww they pretend they dont want another one just so you/he doesnt get your hopes up.

I bet if you get a BFP he will definately come around Smile