Gideon's surgery

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Gideon's surgery

Well, yesterday Gideon had his surgery and it went well. They used a scope to look at the other side and it turned out he had a hernia on both sides so they had to more than expected. He's been having fevers on and off since he got home yesterday and its been 24 hours and he still has a fever so unfortunately I have to take him to the hospital so they can make sure he is ok. Here are a few pics of him at the hospital. He was definitely happy once they gave him some pain meds.

Watching tv with daddy waiting to be called back:

Me "wearing" his gown lol:

After surgery:

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Poor little guy! Looks like he's quite a trooper though! Surgery is just no fun at all! Hoping the fever is just a reaction to all that he's going through and nothing to worry about!

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Poor big guy. Hope that he's back to himself in no time

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Aw poor thing! Hope he recovers quickly!!!