Glucose test

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Glucose test

On the way for mine right now, anyone else have theirs coming up soon?

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I've had two already, because I've previously had GD.

Good luck on your test!

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Good luck!
Mine is at my next appointment in 4.5 weeks (going 5 weeks between appts). I'll be 27 weeks. They already gave me the "juice" and told me I could drink it while on my drive (I have an hour drive there), so I don't have to hang around forever with my toddler. I was going to decline the test all together, so this was a compromise.

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mines not till i'm 28 weeks. ive never had an issue with it Smile

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Thanks ladies! Yeah they had given me the drink to take home at my last appointment as well so I was able to drink it an hour before my appointment so I didn't have to wait around. I was ok with DD so I'm hoping things are ok with this one as well.

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I have mine in a few hours. Good luck

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I think mine will be at my appointment after this. Its generally around 24- 28 weeks at my doctors office unless you've had GD previously.

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Good luck with your test, I hope everything goes perfectly! I haven't had one yet this pregnancy but I assume it will be at my next appointment or the one after (24 or 28 weeks), though they didn't tell me to fast so I better call them.....

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Mine is on August 10, i have my juice and all in the fridge already too!

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I had GD with DS3 and was borderline with DS4 and DS5. I ALWAYS fail the 1 hour. So, my doc and I compromised and she's letting me skip the test altogether as long as I check my sugars at home 4x a day for 2 weeks before my next appt (which is in a week now). If my #'s look good then I can go to testing just a random meal once a day. I've already started the diet and prefer checking sugars at home since I know I'd fail the 1 hour and have to take the 3 hour. So far, all but 2 of my readings have been great so everything is good so far. I'm going to eat regular (no GD diet) one day and see how my sugars are then.

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If I have sugar in my urine again tomorrow then I will take the three hour (I usually fail the one hour too). If I don't, it won't be until 28 weeks, and then I MIGHT take a stab at the one hour. I would be a lot easier!

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I haven't scheduled mine yet, but I like the idea of taking the drink home! I think I'll ask about that.

I 'failed' the one hour last time by the slimmest of margins (I think the cutoff was 140 and my sugar was 141. Something like that), and I refused the 3-hour test in favor of just testing my blood. I never had really high numbers, so I think it was just because I was already eating such a low glycemic diet that it shocked my body to have so much sugar. I've been much, much worse about diet this time around, though, so maybe I'll pass this time. Blum 3