Good news (OT)

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Good news (OT)

WE GOT APPROVED FOR THE PLACE WE WANT!!! Renting, that is. DH goes in on Monday (he also starts his new job that day) to sign the lease. Then, we should be good to move in on the 29th Smile Now, to go into over drive. Gotta get this house packed, ins. switched, OB switched, kids school notified, kids registered at their new school, and so on. I'm just relieved that it seems that the end is in sight. KNOCK ON WOOD. Prayers/good vibes that everything works out, and goes as smoothly as possible, are greatly appreciated.

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GREAT news!! Congrats Smile

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That's wonderful! Congratulations!

I will be sending you LOTS AND LOTS OF POSITIVE energy

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Thanks Smile So far I have called the new school district to get information about moving the boys to their new school district. I even got the ball rolling on DS2's since him moving is a bit more involved of a process... going to finalize all that next week after we sign the lease and are 100% pos. about everything. I also called their current school and just let them know that next week will def. be their last week (no matter what, we are out of here on the 29th). I cant start looking at switching OB's till after that (since we wont have all the info on our ins. change till after Ry starts and we get our lease, and such), which makes me a bit nervous, but oh well. I can call my sister and get the names of her ped. and OB, so that I have them when I can get that going. Now, just to keep working on packing and cleaning Smile

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Sounds great! YAY Smile

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That is definitely good news! You must be so relieved to have that important part of the move almost finalized!

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YAY! Congrats, sounds like everything is going smoothly. I hope you have an easy move and he likes the new job. Biggrin

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Congratulations that sounds great! Glad you were able to get the place you wanted and that things are starting to move smoothly forward.

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Yeah! So happy for you guys. Hope everything goes smoothly these next ten days or so.