Good, yet anxiety producing news... OT

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Good, yet anxiety producing news... OT

So, DH had an interview yesterday. Then, last night, he got an email from their HR person asking about his salary expectations... as well as an email from a guy that works there that he worked with at his last job saying that the guy who interviewed him had asked about DH. That he had told them that they would be lucky to snag DH. He just got an email asking him to come back in for a 2nd interview!!! He has been working contract positions the last 6 years (just the way the industry is now a days), and this one would be permanent.... which is the only reason that he applied in the first place. When he got the interview I told him that he probably would get it just because the timing is the worst weve had for moving lol. With all of his contract positions we have moved 7 times since DS1 was born... this will be our 8th.... and his 9th job. We have been in this house since a month after DD was born, so just about 2 years. Luckily my sister lives with in half an hr of the company, so till we find a place, he can stay with them. Then, during the week after work he will be looking at places, and coming home on the weekends to help me pack.

I'm really nervous already and he hasnt even been offered the job lol. They boys go back to school in a couple of weeks (1st grade, and Early Childhood), so weve already decided that the kids and I will stay here till we find a place and move. So, I will be dealing with 3 kids on my own, shuttling them around, packing the whole house (for the majority) on my own, all at 7, 8 months pregnant. Not to mention my history of pre term labor and such Sad Then, having to find a new OB, hospital, switching the kids schools, and so on. I am just so anxious just thinking about all of this. Espeically about being alone with all 3 kids, trying to get everything done, and then having something happen with DH so far away....

But, this could also be the opportunity DH has been waiting for... and really good for our family. I am just so torn about what I wish would happen.... and how I am going to handle everything if he does get the job.

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Take a deep breath and take it one day at a time! I moved states when pregnant with DS and right now I'm fully expecting to get orders in 2 weeks having us move in December (this time clear across country). Really glad that I don't have 3 kids to shuffle around though! It's too stressful thinking about it all, so I don't. I always make a list of stuff in time order and then just concentrate on a small part of it and ignore the rest as I inch my way down as time gets closer. My son is on his 3rd home already. :grouphug:
Great news about the job though!

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The job sounds promising! The other stuff doesn't sound fun though.

We are currently going through a new job transition and it stinks! We haven't decided if we will be moving yet, we are in Denver and his new job is in St. Louis. DH has been gone since Aug 1, and won't be back until the end of October. So yeah, being in your third trimester and balancing 4 kids, school and regular mom/house stuff is overwhelming. Plus with the transition we've gone a month without pay, and we took a huge hit in salary, schedule and seniority... But I keep telling myself this is a good transition for our family and that it will be worth it in the end. There are some days though where I just want to throw in the towel, but somehow everything that NEEDS to get done, gets done. But this mama has been going to bed around 8-9pm rather than staying up until 10ish Lol One day at a time!

I hope that if he does get the job, that it's an easy decision for you guys! KUP!

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Def sounds like a tough time, but if its a good job then its worth it! Im sure you have some friends that can help you as well with the kids and packing some things up! I wish you guys the best!!

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I hope everything goes well and your DH get's the job! Moving will most likely be stressful and tough, but for your DH to have a perminant position, I'll be it will be worth the sacrifice in the end.

My DH started a new job in May. We were planning on buying a house this summer (We rent only a 2 bedroom house now), but with starting a new job, it wouldn't look good to immediately go in for a home loan. So we are putting it off, squishing in our little house for the winter, and then will be able to try in the spring after he has been at this company for a year. Sometimes the sacrifices are really hard but in the end, will turn out much better. DH got into one of the best companies in this state, so if we have to be a little squished for a while it's ok.

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I can imagine how stressful the thought of moving and handling things on your own can be. Just try to take a deep breath and focus on the positive. If he gets the job, at least you know it;s permanent and you wouldn't have to worry about moving again! I hope that if he gets the job, the transition goes quickly and smoothly!

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I'm moving when I'm 31 weeks, so I know that anxiety... (although I don't have 3 other little ones.... and my man is around. )

Take a deep breath and relax... it'll be tough but worth it!