Got all my CDing stuff together finally! *pics*

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Got all my CDing stuff together finally! *pics*

(I shared this on the CD board too but I just had to share here as well Smile )

I finally got all the CD stuff I ordered here and together plus I had DH pull all the stuff left from Kostas (1 year+ sizes) that was in the attic.

I prepped my prefolds and everything so it will all be ready to use when we get back from having the baby and visiting family!!

Everything for the small phase.
30 prefolds
8 Bumkins OS covers
3 Snappis
A roll of Bummis liners
1 pair of fleece longies
1 fleece soaker
1 wool soaker

All the Bumkins covers together

I think the Dr Suess ones are so cute!

But this little owl one is my favorite!

My first foray into wool (I believe it is Disana)

These were my first ever purchases on Hyena Cart and were great prices. I especially like the monster longies Smile

I can't wait to start using all this stuff on Cricket!! Eee!

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I love the monster longies, they are very cute! Looks like a nice CD stash.

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LOVE the owl ones too! Very cute!

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Super cute Bummis covers!!! LOVE the monster fleece longies.

Hope everything works out great for you. Biggrin

I've discovered the wool love with my son. I intended to just buy wool to try with Zoe but somehow have ended up with a couple of wool longies for Aiden. So far they've both worked out fantastic for him with a fitted underneath. As much as he moves and can pee at once, I'm not willing to try prefolds under them! lol.

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Soooo cute! Yay!

I am still waiting on a few diapers in the mail. Plus I am buying 2 more on Friday from a girl that I found on our Local CD swap board. I can't wait to see my whole stash together like you.