Got to go do my 4D U/S a couple of days early!

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Got to go do my 4D U/S a couple of days early!

They took over 50 pics and put them on a CD for us but these are my 3 favorites:

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So cute!

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Oh my goodness, those are SO cute!! What a beautiful baby boy!

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YAY!!! These pictures are amazing! SO ADORABLE!!! =')

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I posted some of them on my facebook and I just saw what my SO responded to one of was to the middle pic I believe. "August 11th at 3:05 pm i saw my sons picture for the first time i realised im going to be a dad and thats what my little guy is going to look like.... im not ashamed to admit i cried". I thought that was so sweet and it was so sweet to see him getting all emotional as we were leaving and he was staring at the pictures and he was just in awe.

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Adorable pics!!!!

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those are great pics!

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Such a cute little man Smile and reading what your SO said seriously made me tear up.

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beautiful pics! what a handsome little man he is!! :o)

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OMG, great pics! So cute and I am soo jealous ...LOL. We haven't been able yet to find out the sex and I got like a pic of a eye and that's it. Hoping my follow up goes better.

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