Got my hopes up.............

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Got my hopes up.............

yesterday DH and I went for a long walk and for the rest of the day i had some cramping, menstrual like - on and off... around 7:37 i got a SLIGHT cramp, not painful - and my whole stomach got hard as a rock, i made DH touch my stomach and i said "wow feel how strong she's getting, do you feel her whole body tensing up against my stomach?" and DH said... "i don't think thats her, it doesn't feel like her"... then about 2 minutes later, my stomach softened... so i called my mom and she said this sounded like a contraction, even my sister said when they start they don't hurt right away... so i figured, we'll see what happens...
it happened again at 7:57 - and this time i felt all over my belly and realized it couldn't be her, but it wasnt very painful..... it didn't happen again until 9:45, and after that, nothing. nothing happened again and it is the next day now, nearly 3:00pm.
i was so disapointed this morning when i woke up that everyone is back to work from thanksgivings long weekend that i just felt BLAH!!!!!!

question, could these actually have been contractions? i'm wondering if they weren't and i just got my hopes up... i'm also hoping if they were they start again!

Today is my 1 year wedding anniversary, so i thought for sure she'd decide to surprise us today lol...

i have a dr. appt tomorrow in the morning and it's supposed to snow here, so DH is going to take the morning off and come with me so i don't have to drive in the snow and so we can both be there to see what doc has to say about me going past my due date.

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Happy Anniversary! Smile

Those sound like contractions to me. Not that this means too much, since all labors are unique, but to me those sound like the early contractions I had a day or two before real labor started.

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Sounds deal to me. Latent labor can feel like it goes on and on. I compare it to a car thats having trouble starting. It reves and reves and stops, till it finally turns over. Hoping that it turns into active labor soon.

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I know exactly how you feel. They sound like contractions to me as well and I hope it turns into active labor for you soon! KUP with what your OB says in the morning! With DS1 I was 3 days past my EDD, I swore I was going to be pregnant forever.

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Thank you for the encouragement ladies

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Happy Anniversary! Sounds like she is definitely practicing! Trust me, once they start, you will have no doubt that it's happening!

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hi! good luck! i know it must be maddening to be waiting after your due date, especially when your doc got your hopes up that she would be here early. it does sound like you had some contractions!