Growth ultrasound *photo added

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Growth ultrasound *photo added

The boy measured two weeks AHEAD and 3lb 11oz. So much for being small. I got some cute 4d profile pics. He looks like his brother!

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Thats great!! Glad you had a good appt and cant wait to see pics!

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Aww! How sweet! Glad he's growing well!

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awww... what a cute big boy Smile

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awwwwww!!! so cute! Smile

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Cute pic. I think both if us are well on our way to big boys. 2 weeks ago Gideon was weighing in at 4lbs on the u/s. I really hope they will consider inducing me a little after 37 weeks.

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So cute! Our middle name for our baby will be Benjamin too. I love the name you have picked out!

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That is great that he measuring so well! Cute picture too!

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Cuteness!!! I'm glad he is measuring well!! Smile