grrr dr. offices

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grrr dr. offices

I was up a couple of times last night with a soar throat and ears. They are still bothering me this morning so I called to get an appointment. At first they were able to get me in at 9am, which would have been great since then I could just have DD with me, and be back in time to get DS2 off the bus at 11:15. But, then the receptionist realized that I am an OB patient, so had to have me see someone that does OB, and the earliest they can get me in is 10:20. Ugg. Its just to check to make sure that I dont have strep or an ear infection, nothing even to do with baby. Such a pain. Now, I need to either find someone who could possibly get DS2 off the bus, just in case my appt goes too long, or have to go get him way early. Or, even call and see if there are any later appts... pain in the butt Sad

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Go to the walk in?

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Good luck! I find when I'm pregnant everyone else in the world is scared to touch me. I couldn't get anyone other than my OB to see me last pregnancy and he was zero help with the severe cold/flu I had because he told me it was allergies (I don't have allergies at all), so he told me to take allergy medicine which of course didn't help any of my symptoms. Sad

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That's so frustrating! I hope you can get it figured out. Gotta love those bus pickup times that chop up your day! Feel better!

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Would it be possible to pick him up from school after your appt and so he wouldnt have to ride the bus/potentially not have anyone to pick him up?

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I ended up having to pick him up early and take him with me. The doc. put me on antibiotics... didnt even bother doing a culture. Hopefully that will help kick whatever this is. That, and that the next 3 or so weeks go by fast and that the 2nd trimester brings some relief (fingers crossed, knock on wood)