Had a fantastic 18 week appt today!

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Had a fantastic 18 week appt today!

First of all, IT'S A GIRL!!!!

I had a fantastic appointment this morning. I'm finally gaining weight and my BP was completely normal (opposite from DS's pregnancy). The u/s tech was super friendly and went over everything with us that she was doing. I knew exactly what she was looking for and measuring (with DS's u/s they told me nothing and I wasn't allowed to look at the screen). This little girl wasn't shy in the least bit and we got a great look from a couple of different angels even.

After the u/s I met with one of the OBs (first and hopefully only OB appt I'll have) who went over repeat c/s risks and VBAC risks. He was wonderful and very honest. He gave me accurate information that completely agreed with everything I've found so far from my research. He gave me more good honest info than any doctor ever has. He went as far as to recognize the different between a complete uterine rupture and a partial uterine rupture and their individual risk percentages! He even went over the risks of a 3rd and 4th repeat c/s since he knows we want more kids. The best part of the convo is that he thinks that I am a great VBAC candidate. YAY! Knowing the OB perspective for the practice really gives me more confidence if one of them happens to be on call when I go into labor rather than one of the midwives. I couldn't have asked for the appt to go any better!

Next appt is in 4 weeks with a midwife.

Now it's time to picky out girly nursery decor. :party:

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Yay!!!!! Sounds like the perfect appt!!! Congrats on the GIRL!!! Yay!!! I'm very happy for you Biggrin

I just posted a thread about VBAC vs c-section, I'd be interested to hear what your experience was last time!

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Congrats! How exciting!

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WOO Congrats!!!

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Congrats on your GIRL!! Sounds like a great OB appt too! So wonderful to hear of an OB who doesn't automatically say "Repeat C-section" !

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YAY for a great appt... and a happy healthy GIRL Smile

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Awesome appt for you! Congrats on your girl!

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Congratulations on your little GIRL!! It will be so much fun to pick out girlie stuff Smile

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Thanks everyone! I'm still in a bit of shock that everything went so well! lol

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Yay! Congratulations!

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Congrats on your little girl

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That sounds like a great appt! And congrats on your healthy little GIRL!!!

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yay! congratulations on your little GIRL!

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Yay congrats on a girl and a great appointment! How exciting that some of us are finding out what we're having now. Biggrin

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Congrats on your girl! So glad everything looked great and that you're a good candidate for a vbac!

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:lurk: Big congrats on Team Pink Yahoo