Had my first outing without baby yesterday!

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Had my first outing without baby yesterday!

Yesterday was my cousins wife's baby shower (which was beautifully done, i had a great time!) - i wasn't sure if i was going pending Kyla's birth, but I decided last weekend that I felt great and up to it (and had enough dresses in my closet that were stretchy without zippers and would look good with leggings due to being too short lol), so I went! I missed Kyla like crazy and even cried a bit before I left! It was my first time without her (to my knowledge) since March 16!
It was good to get out, as i'll be in all week once DH goes back to work, but what a great feeling coming home and snuggling with my baby!
After the shower, I stopped home, changed and decided to go out to pick up some wrapping paper and maybe some sweatshirts for Kyla - well, I couldn't find any sweatshirts (all her newborn outfits, besides sleepers are short sleeves and i really wanna dress her in them before she grows out of them) - and i think i may have pushed myself too hard. I feel so good at home because i'm not exerting myself but once I was out in the 2nd store, i started having aches and pains in my stomach and groin, so i went right home - luckily i got some gift wrap that i needed but that was it and i've decided i'm going to take it easy now for a while. I took a pic of me and my Kyla before i went to the shower, it felt SO GOOD to put on one of my old dresses an wear heels!!!!

Has anyone else been parted from their little one yet?

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Definitely don't overdo it! It's so easy to do as you feel better and better!

Love the picture!!! Smile

No plans to be separated from Zoe since I BF on demand. DH graduates from his training program Friday and I plan to take her with me for all the events - even the formal dinner. Though I'll probably be the only wife not in formal wear. No way no how am I buying a formal dress for this body! Ha!

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Like Jackie Im bfing so big K man is a bit attached. Last weekend his godmommy came up and we went and saw the new twighlight, the 3 of us Smile hes hooked, a def twighhard Wink today him and I went christmas shopping (dh stayed home with the older 3) and he slept the whole time!!! Needless to say, I felt like I was going to explode by the time we got home. It was the first time I have pulled out my pump lol. I pumped a total of 5oz, and then nursed. I am thinking it may be time to start working on our frozen supply Smile I still wont leave him behind till hes a bit older, and on more of a predictable nursing rythem. Gotta love the 4th trimester Wink

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I am not bf'ing on demand, and only by every other feeding so he gets used to formula and DH has a chance to feed him as well. My first time without him was today. I went to the grocery store and by the time I got home, needed a pain pill desperately even though I've been off them for a few days.