Had my first U/S and announced! *pics included*

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Had my first U/S and announced! *pics included*

I never had an early U/S with my DS so it was so cool to see the baby's heart beat flickering away! And it was wonderful to hear the heart beat too Smile


My due date was right on. I'm 6w6d today and my due date is Nov 29th.

I took this picture of DS to announce to the grandparents too Smile

My dad is so freaking excited, I could barely believe it LOL. I'm still waiting to hear from my mom (she's at a school function for my sister).

Then I took this one that I just adore Smile

It's so nice to be able to talk about it now! Eeee!

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What precious pictures! Your DS is quite handsome! You'll have to let us know how your mom reacts! Congrats on a great u/s and a beautiful heartbeat!!

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That's great! Very cute pictures. Smile

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Awesome! I almost cried seeing that because its so cute! haha

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Congrats on seeing/hearing the heartbeat! Super cute pics, your DS is a cutie!

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How precious Smile let us know what your ma says Smile

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I would like to get a big brother shirt for my son but he's so tall I doubt I'd find one that fits. But I love the announcement and yeah for a healthy heartbeat!

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Super cute!!! Did you hear back from your mom?

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Congrats!! Is DS excited? Biggrin

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Congratulations! Both your babies are adorable! Wink

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My dad was so out of his mind excited that he was like "Can I text her? Lemme text her!" So he did and she squealed out loud in the middle of the banquet! LOL She is very excited. She always said she didn't care either way if we had any more kids because she adores Kostas so much but she said she has surprised herself in how excited she is Smile

I was really fun to announce this way Biggrin

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That's so funny! I guess they're a little excited!

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Yay for a good appointment! What a great way to announce, your DS is a cutie. Smile

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Thats so cute! Glad your parents are so excited!!