Had My Monthly Check Up Today!

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Had My Monthly Check Up Today!

Well - I had my monthly check up today and it went great! Only gained 3 lbs this month *phew*, and I can't believe I am already up to my visits happening every 2 weeks! Next appointment is September 25! Wow!

Baby is still breech but doc said its fine because she's still small enough and has time to turn Biggrin

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yay for a good appt Smile

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Love boring appts!!! Biggrin

My office told me not to worry about her position till 36 weeks. Though I'm a lot more comfortable when she's head down, so when she breech I pick up inversions (spinning babies) just for my comfort sake. lol

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Sounds like a great appointment. Don't worry about still being breech, plenty of time left for her to move.