Had my weekly appt a day early...

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Had my weekly appt a day early...

This morning I had an appt (not dr related) that took forever it seemed. I had to take both littkes with me, and they got bored. So, i spent the majority of my time chasing them arounds. Welk, all of a sudden my under wear and pad were wet when I went to stand up. I wasnt contracting much more than I have been, though have had a bit more pain and pressure down below. I waited till my appt was finally over, and since there was no way I was staying there another min, i loaded the kids into the van and headed home. I left them in the van (strapped into carseats) while I ran into the house to the bathroom. My back was killing me by this point, but it was relieved by having a bm. My pas and underwear were really wet. It didnt look like it did when my water broke with DS2, but it also wasnt urine. I got back in the van and started driving to my sisters, and called my OB on my way. They told me that they would see me today rather than tomorrow.

At the appt my ob looked with a speculum and said it appeared that my cervix is closed, but he didnt want to fully check me just in case. He also did a litmas paper test that didnt show up as amnio. So, he did my GBS Test, and took a sample to look under a microscope. I wont get the GBS test results back till my appt, but he did say that from what he sees, the fluid isnt amniotic. He did say ultimately, its a wait and see. If I go into full blown labor in the next 24 hrs we will know for sure. Otherwise I will see him again in a week.

So, now I am home, laying on the couch while the kids watch a movie Smile

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Glad they were able to get you in so quickly and that it wasn't amnio fluid! Just try to take it easy (hard to do with kids I know!) and hopefully baby will get a few more weeks in!

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Wow - another adventure for you! Like you said time will tell what's really going on.

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Whew, what an adventure! I wonder what it was if it wasn't amniotic fluid?

In any case, it sounds like you're getting closer and closer....

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Yikes! Glad you'll get to bake a bit longer!

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Well its been 24 hours so I'm guessing all is okay? Hope so. Keep us updated!!!!

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Sorry, yes, all is ok. Still pregnant, and 35 weeks Smile No more worrying about stopping labor.