Had a really bad day :(

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Had a really bad day :(

Today I woke up well rested - finally got a good night's sleep, so i figured i'd get some things done, ate breakfast, showered shaved - got ready for the day...

i was putting laundry away and i got dizzy so i laid down, but then i got back up to finish diong what i was doing. i had to make a list of things that we need to do around the house and also things to do to prepare for baby... it's overwhelming and i guess that didn't help...

like an idiot, even though i'm still feeling dizzy and a bit weak i went out with a small bag of laundry to do at the laundromat (it wasn't heavy it's my delicates and i don't dry them, i throw them on a drying rack at home so i figured i wouldn't be out long)... well when i got to the laundromat after i put my clothes in i think i had like a full blown panic attack - i felt really hot (it was warmer out today but not sweltering) ---i was profously sweating, dizzy and scared...

i just went outside to sit bc it felt cooler out there, and i called DH adn texted my mom, but as soon as i got on the phone w/ DH i started crying, like the can't catch my breath kind of crying, and i have no idea why... it was so strange... thank God my clothes only took 30 minutes so i went home and i've been resting and relaxing all day but i feel completely wiped out and drained - and my crying spells keep coming. i don't know if i'm overwhelmed with my to-do list, nervous about having a baby, or what... but i just feel like terrible today.. i think the weekdays are hard for me and mondays always make me upset because everyone is back to work, so maybe i just see this long week ahead of me and i get sad... i don't know...

i've also been worried about my b/p - it wasn't high but it was higher than usual for me at my last dr. appt (i guess if it was too high she would have said something), it was 125/79 ...normally im like 109/68 or around that range... so i dont know, maybe i was just nervous about getting weighed at that visit...

i just hope that i don't have another day like today, i feel like i run things through my head that i want to do or should be doing and i get ahead of myself and stress myself out... i need to learn how to relax, i didn't realize i was stressed out at all until today

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First of all, it is COMPLETELY NORMAL to feel over whelmed. I dont know a pregnant woman who doesnt from time to time. I know what you mean about having so much to do on your list that it seems a mile long. Just take it one day, and one thing, at a time. You don't need to do everything right now, or even before the baby comes. Also, you have lots of people that you can ask to help. So, enlist them. As far as things you need for the baby, have you had your baby shower yet? Maybe wait to worry about that till after that, and you know what you get... trust me, half the things I thought "I HAVE TO GET THIS RIGHT NOW" ended up being things that I didnt even touch for the first 3 months, if at all.

As far as feeling lonely, being a SAHM can get very isolating feeling. I found that finding mom groups really helped. I joined Mommy and Me with my first, which met a couple times a month. I was able to get out of the house, meet other moms with kids the same age as my son, and it was led by my lactation consultant, so that was nice too because I got help with nursing Smile There are other groups out there too, it just depends on your area. Another thing I suggest is checking out your local library. They will often have story times, and so on.

Just find things to look forward to during the week. Dont focus on the fact that everyone else is at work. Focus on the fact that you have the option to do whatever you want, and arent stuck at work Wink I would also mention all the things that you are feeling, and the panic attack, to your doctor. There are antidepressants that are safe for pregnancy, and for nursing.

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I am with you on being overwhelmed, and I now am off work too... today was my first day and I Was like "woah, what do I do now?"

I used to have horrible anxiety, and, my only advice is breathe! In through the nose, out slowly through the mouth. Close your eyes while you do it. Try to just get through it. Don't worry while you're having anxiety. Worrying makes it worse.

Thinking of you!

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I'm sorry that you had such a hard day. It sounds horrible.

I agree with Kier. Just do one thing at a time. That's what I do, complete the one thing, if I have more energy I will do more. If not I go take a nap/rest and not worry about it. It's completely true that many of the things you think you really need before baby comes, you don't.

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First off it still pisses me off how we have to get stressed about getting weighed. But anyways, I would have been borderline ready to call the doctor I think. The dizziness etc could be something other than a panic attack. Definitely bring it up to your doctor.

I do know the feeling of being overwhelmed, like previously suggested, take it one thing at a time and get the one thing done. I keep thinking my weekends would be more productive since I am not at work, but then I have all the normal stuff too. Last night I finally got a couple things off my to do list.

Hugs to you

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Hugs! I'm sorry you had such a bad day Sad I hope today is a better day!!

I would definitely let your doctor know about the dizziness and how you were feeling. I had a scary episode when I was about 8 weeks where I passed out onto the bathroom (tile) floor and got everything checked out (all ok) by my doctor and they sent me to the hospital for testing since I hit my head. It's scary to feel that way! I know it wore you out, between what was happening and then the worry you were feeling! I'm glad you were able to rest. I have had a few more times where I felt that dizzy, and I just had to sit on the floor till it passed; I've wondered if it was a panic attack or something else, just not sure.

I remember wanting to have everything set up with our first, but keep in mind that baby just needs you and a carseat to come home in, diapers, and a place to sleep initially. The other stuff you can work on even after she's here Smile I haven't been a SAHM before, but there's a possibility I could be after #3 arrives (still totally up in the air). I agree that finding things to do that get you out of the house will be just the thing - we did library story time and that was great for meeting other moms with kids close in age. One of the moms even got together a playgroup from that library meeting and we still get together, both with and without the kids!

You definitely aren't alone - I am having a lot of anxiety and feeling up one minute, down the next with all these hormones it seems. I'm finding that if I make a plan for the week it helps me not worry about everything all at once. For example, this week, I'm taking Thursday and Friday off to get things done I need to do (since it takes me longer these days to get everything done). I have to keep reminding myself that today is for work projects, and Thursday I can worry about getting the party favors for DS2's bday party this weekend. Sounds kind of silly, but it does help me to say to myself "no, that's what I will think about on Thursday." I make lots of lists Wink

I don't know if any of my rambling helps, but hopefully! Thinking of you!

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:bigarmhug: I hope today has been better by far. I agree with others that I would definitely bring it up to your doctor. It might be anxiety, but it could also be something else, especially with the dizziness. I fainted at the Post Office when I was pg with DD, and it was probably the scariest moment of that pregnancy. Take good care of yourself, and try not to do too much. Sometimes these things are our body's way of telling us something isn't right or that we're doing too much.

Take care, and keep us posted!

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thanks everyone for your support

i'm having a better day today - haven't done much but hang out and have lunch with my best friend, she had off from work today, so that was good... i did check some things off my to-do list (that were easier and more intimidating on paper then actually doing), which were calling a pediatrician and the hospital i'm delivering out of for a tour. luckily the pediatrician is having an open house conference on 9/29 that we're going to go to and we're going to try to go on a tour of the hospital next monday, that takes care of some things that have been on my mind.

so now i'm just relaxing, taking it easy before i make dinner.
DH was so good last night since i was so worn, he cooked and cleaned everything up.

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hi, i am sorry you had such a stressful/scary day. i think it is very important during this last trimester to rest as much as possible. it seems as though anything can throw us off. a typical to-do list can result in a panic attack-- i hear that. everything just feels different and i think you should try to be as easy on yourself as possible. be sure to drink a lot of water and rest whenever you can. you just can't run around like you used to. things are going to take more time.