Happy with your Breasts???

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Happy with your Breasts???

Boobs... we love 'em, hate them... often ignore them. We dress them up and show them off or take the "cover and hide" approach. At the end of the day, many of us 'unleash' them with a silent cry of "FREEEEEEEEEEDOM!!" LOL

Today, you are invited to take part in our light-hearted poll "Are you happy with your breast size?" Then, be sure to weigh in on my question located on the same page (in the center) titled "Boob obsession?" Simply click on "Show conversation" and add your comment!

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You can also find step-by-step instructions on our "Welcome/Help Center", including creating your own "wall", adding your feedback and advice on content, and much more! Take part if our poll now by clicking below:

"Are you happy with your breast size?"

Bear with me, I am new at this and having trouble getting the link to show up the way its supposed to lol. But, if you go to pregnancy.org's main page , and look at the wall, you should see the poll as well Smile