Has anybody been experiencing this.............

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Has anybody been experiencing this.............

this is my 6th pregnancy and I never had this happened before but I have been getting very sharp shooting pains going through my boobs...one or the other. Has this been happening to anyone else?? Also my boobs have been extremely sore more then any other pregnancy. curious to know!

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I get that every now and then too. I think its just the tissues growing, getting ready to produce milk. It was way worse with my 1st, but I do still get sore. I nursed all 3 of my other kids, and plan on nursing this one as well. With my 3rd I was still nursing my 2nd when I got pregnant, so she was the only one I didnt have as many changes/soreness with. I would take it as normal, and a good thing. Means the hormones are doing their job Smile

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I had that happen last week actually! Just in the right one tho! I kept complaining about it!

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yeah it was real bad last night in my right side. Glad to know its not just me! LOL

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I had that happen during my last pregnancy when I would bend down, and asked my OB about it. She said to wear a supportive bra. Something about the connective tissues not being as strong anymore, I think? I can't remember exactly what medical stuff she said exactly, but the supportive bra thing helped.

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I have been getting it and it is driving me crazy, sometimes the pain is so intense it will stop me in my tracks and make me go 'ooooooooooouch!!!' it can be so sore! I didn't have it with DD at all, but my bbs are alot less tender this time around :/ they also haven't changed as much.

I'm so glad i'm not the only one!