Heard the heartbeat!

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Heard the heartbeat!

I've been using my doppler for a few days even though I know it's early. All I've heard is my own. Well, I looked online at tips for finding it and it said to find the maternal artery and listen really closely around it because babies love to hang out next to it. So I did and after searching for about 5 minutes I heard the faint beating of a tiny heart! I had DH come in to confirm. Couldn't hear it long enough to get a heartrate but no denying that sweet sound Smile I love my doppler! It has really helped with my other pregnancies and my worrying.

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Yay Belinda! I'm so glad! Biggrin

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YAY Smile thats awesome Smile My sister has one. Shes lending it to a friend right now, but once her friend is done with it then she said I could use it. Her friend is due in Sept, so I doubt she will need to use it much longer... Elin's guessing that once shes able to feel the baby that she wont need it any more. I hope so, cuz I cant justify buying one myself since we are probably going to be done with 4 kids. And, I really want to be able to hear the heartbeat at home, and not just once a month when I go in...

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That's great! My best friend is sending me her's, but she said she wasn't able to find it till 16 weeks I think it was. Smile

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I rented one with DS3 and DS4. With DS5, my friend gave me one she had. Her DH is a doctor and he had one he brought home so I lucked out and got it for free Smile I heard the other boys between 9 and 10 weeks but I never tried before that. It takes a while at first but it's so worth it. Maybe how early you find it depends on the strength of the doppler.

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That is awesome! I am really thinking about renting one...

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YAY!! That's great news!! I've been seriously considering getting a doppler this time around.

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lurking.... that is fantastic Belinda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea for fun stuff!

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That is so fantastic! I'm super excited for you. My 10.5 week appt is next week and that will be my first time hearing it and i can't WAIT!

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Yay Belinda! That's so awesome. I think I'm going to have to get me one of those. I'm much more calm since seeing it at the doctors but I didn't get to listen to it nearly long enough while we were there. I wanted to just lay there forever and listen to it. It's so reassuring. Where did you get it?

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I love my doppler!! I got mine off of craig's list for 50 bucks, but the same doppler brand new on ebay is like 65 bucks. I have to say that it's a pretty good doppler because I've got a lot of stomach padding and I've been able to hear my baby since like 13 weeks, so I'm sure someone without extra stomach padding would probably be able to hear it sooner!

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Many of us in October have the Sonoline B digital display Doppler w/ the 3 mHz wand. I heard my babe at 8w3d with it! I bought mine new off of eBay for $50 or so some other girls ordered from a medical website. I have been having light spotting for 3 weeks now and that Doppler is a Godsend I can get the baby fairly easily now always in the 160s. I bought one with 6 our last baby and tthen sold it thinking we wouldn't have more kids. Way more economical then renting one per month!

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