Hello, I am "unofficially" here

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Hello, I am "unofficially" here

Hi ladies! I am pretty sure I am pregnant. I am 13dpo. I have been testing with internet cheapies but they are coming out negative. Today at lunch i am picking up a name brand test. My last pregnancy i didn't get a positive until 14 dpo. The reason why I am 99% sure is that my chart is amazing! This last week I have been so tired, hungry, extreme gas, major nausea, the sides of my boobs HURT and when I take my bra off my whole boobs hurt! Also my lower stomach has been feeling slight crampy since 6dpo and has that "full" feeling and when I move too fast I get those sharp pains. So I hope I am right! Lol!

So I am looking forward to meeting you all and I will update with a BFP!!

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Yay! I lurked around the jan and feb 2011 boards a bit, so I recognize you! I hope you get a sticky BFP!

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Thank you Jamie! I am so excited to be here!!

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:lurk: Good luck! Am I reading your chart right that you got a +? I'll be stalking you. Biggrin

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You sound preggers to me! I had cramping at 6 dpo and my boobs started to hurt at 8 dpo. Can't wait to for the BFP news!

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That is one amazing chart. Congrats as I see you got a positive!