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Hey ladies

I've originally been posting on the October board because they had given me a due date of the 26, but I knew that would be wrong since I don't have a 28 day cycle. We had our first U/S today and they have moved my due date to November 1st. This will be my 2nd. I have a daughter who is going to be 5 in September. I figured I might as well post on both boards seeing as how it could go either way. I could be early, right on the money, or late. We didn't get to hear the HB yet but we saw the little flicker on the screen and baby has a good strong HB of 174. Looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing the ups and downs with you all(but hopefully mostly ups).


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Welcome to November Smile

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Yay welcome to Nov! I am the same with Nov/Dec...If i have this baby naturally I bet it will be late.

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Welcome! That's awesome that you saw the hb! Does your DD start kindergarten this fall? My DS is just a couple months older than her Smile

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No she is going into a VPK program. She didn't meet the age cutoff to start last year. She had to be 4 by Sept 1st and she didn't turn 4 till Sept 24th.

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Hi Tiffany, that's why I teeter totter with Oct/ Nov as well. I"m due Nov. 1 but will have a repeat c-sec so I know it will be in October sometime. Welcome!

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Welcome to Nov! I'm Nov 29th so I know I'll probably end up delivering in December. Smile

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Welcome!!! wow i have my first U/S on april 2nd and also have irregular periods, i wonder if my due date will change!
i love the fall, october or november are such BEAUTIFUL times of year Smile