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Welp, back from my doctors appt and I have a feeling my October is going to be a November!
My EDD got bumped back, SIGH, so now I'm due end of Oct- and Brody was 12 days late, basically had to be forced out, sooo I know that every baby isnt the same, but I kinda get the feeling this ones gonna be forced out too! Hopefully before Thanksgiving haha :):)

Hope its ok if I'm a perma-board hopper!!

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You're a 'crack mama'. Biggrin Riiiight in the middle. My due dates have always been like that. I will say, with DS1 I was a tiny bit overdue, then DS2 came 2 weeks early! No signs of my body getting ready, my water just suddenly broke and then I had to be induced. You just never know with these LOs.

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Marie- A crack mama- that's totally me. I PRAY for water BREAKAGE!!! That'd be like dream come true. I was the one who just laid around doing nothing having no contrax being lame and boring Smile :)

Be kinda cool if it came Oct 27th- that's our anniversary!! I'll have to try and pop that balloon that night, bahaha, I'm so bad and dirty.

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Board hopping isn't a bad thing. I am always lurking +/- a couple months from September. I am sending you balloon busting vibes come October 27th.

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That's allright. I have schedule c's, so this one may come in October. Smile That makes it even!

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I'll be right there hopping with you! I've been induced early with all my kids for one reason or another. I'd love to go into labor on my own. Praying it happens for both of us!

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Glad you hear your appointment went well! I was 3 weeks late when my mom had me. She never lets me forget that one. Lol. She begged them to induce her but they didn't do that much then so they made her wait. And I was end of May almost June so I was a "crack baby" Lol. Not such a bad thing to be. Smile

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I hung out on the Oct 10 BB with DS, but he was a week and a half "late" and I ended up with a Nov baby. Until the two were combined into one board, I hopped back and forth. It's actually really nice! Smile

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That's like me too! EDD Nov. 1 ( we shall see, first appt tomorrow.) But being a 3rd c sec, they take you about 8-10 days earlier. Both of my kids were early. DS was 5 days early. DD was due June 22, and I had a scheduled C sec June 13 but she came on her own ( well had me go into labor, still a c sec!)May 28. Glad you had a good appt tho!