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Well, I've been kind of MIA, with work and home and life and all, I've been too sleepy to do much, or even get on here.

I'll be 30w tomorrow. Thank Goodness there is only 10 weeks left! My last appointment, my intestines were swollen, so my doctor is a bit concerned, but my bloodwork from the previous appointment was great. No GD, no anemia, my Thyroid levels are up, so that's all good. A couple weeks back, I ended up at emerge because I had bad back pain and some bleeding, my cervix is a bit short, but the ultrasound looked great, baby is growing beautifully and is "on target". I am measuring "average" in fundal, but it seems that Owen is hanging out in my back. He's also breech right now... In the beginning he loved being head down, now he's breech.. he better friggin' turn around in the next few weeks! I do not want a c-section.

I am officially on Maternity leave... for 14 months. Smile No work until exactly 52 weeks after he is born. The first 10-12 weeks I am on "stress leave" . And I am SO happy to be out of that work environment.

We move soon, so I can FINALLY set up Owen's bedroom. I've been nesting and there isn't much I can do for him. I've washed everything, everything is all packed up (his stuff anyways) and ready to go. 2 weeks until we move!

All's well, I'm just going to rest and relax now between packing.

I hope everyone is well!

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My little girl is doing lots of flipping still. My son didn't turn head down till 32/33 weeks and that was after doing lots of inversions from spinning babies! If you haven't checked out spinningbabies.com before you should because moms have turned their kiddos way later than 30 weeks. There are other ways to encourage a kiddo to flip head down, but I like that this is free. Wink
Glad you can start setting up his room soon. I'm eager to set up the nursery myself, but gotta get my son's big boy room finished first.

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I know how you feel, it's hard to fit everything into a day and then when you are so tired, sitting down with the computer just doesn't always happen (or if it does, I will just fall asleep!!).

Maternity leave sounds heavenly...I'm wondering how I can make that happen for myself right now. I hope to take some time off here and there before he is born to rest and prepare since it's been too hard to do that while working full days and keeping up with our evening and weekend schedules! I realized this weekend that I need to dig out the newborn sizes and start washing some things up!!

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I wish you all got paid time off the way we have it here. It's honestly so awesome. Especially when you'Re having minor complications, not having to worry too much about finances is nice. (Even though it's only about half of my wages it still helps a lot.)

But really everyone who has kids already (I only do once every second week so it doesn'T really affect me..) and work and are pregnant. Props to you girls. I couldn'T see myself doing it!

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Glad to hear your starting your leave! I wouldn't worry yet about baby being breech, my LO sometimes goes head down, breech and transverse all in one day!

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So glad you get to be on maternity leave! enjoy yourself and relax.

my baby girl is still breech too - hoping they turn for us SOON!

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Oh - I'm not worried about the breech too much - more worried about the intestines.

Here's hoping I stop being so bored!!!