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Hi ladies!

I don't know if you all remember me or not, but I was here on the board originally before I had a m/c in April of last year. We had a complete nightmare of a m/c with complication and months of recovery only to end up having three more failed fertility cycles and then found out I have Endometriosis after all.

However, we decided to go ahead and pursue being parents through adoption and chose foster to adopt as our means. Less than two weeks after being certified we got a newborn baby girl. Got her straight from the hospital in Novermber! So we ended up with our November baby after all. She was born just a few days after my original due date. She's perfect and healthy and we love her so very much. She's 5 months old now and the way things have been going lately with her case it does look as though adoption is becoming more of a possibility. She'll be here until at least July (next court date) and that date is also a permanency hearing.

Right now there's only one family member who has a chance of getting her and she's leaning toward leaving her with us since we're willing to keep a relationship with them and she's only ever known us as her parents. This family member is much much older too (60s) so it would be hard to adopt a baby this young at their age so they're thinking we're the best fit. Dad wants to relinquish and even if he decides not to he isn't likely to get custody. Mom is mentally ill and hasn't been well for a very long time (12 years now) and has none of her kids. It's a very sad story for mom, but potentially a positive outcome for our little one if she can stay with us where she's happy and healthy.

Kier mentioned a while back that I should rejoin here and say hello and update. Took me a long time to get up the courage. I didn't want to jinx baby girl staying here (I've been very superstitious lol) but after our most recent court date last week I feel more positive. So here I am!

Baby girl is doing great and is just starting to sit up and is trying to crawl. She's eating some solid foods and has loved everything we've given her including green beans! She sleeps 12-13 hours a night (I know lucky us right?) and is overall just a very happy girl. She doesn't have another appointment for a few weeks but I think she's about 14lbs. She was born at 5'14 so she's come a long way! I wish I could post pics but we aren't allowed to. However, I can email them or text them so if you do want some pics PM me your email or number and I'll send you some! Smile I love showing her off!

I hope everyone here is doing wonderful and having just the best time with their sweet babies!

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What a wonderful update! Of course I remember you! Been a while since I've been on here myself but glad I did. My heart broke for you and I continued to watch for you in hopes all would be well for you and hubby. My SIL is a foster mom and I get to be aunty to many of these wonderful kids! GOOD FOR YOU TWO! I pray she becomes "permanently" yours. I know that sounds awful but you are all she has and it's people like you that make up the good in this world. Wish we had more like you! Hugs!!! And keep us updated with your baby girl please!

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YAY!!!! I was wondering how you were doing. Like a lot of the other moms I have a hard time getting on here consistently with my wild and crazy kids, but am so glad to see your post today. Keep us updated as you can. How exciting!!! I would LOVE to see some pics. Hopefully everything will get finalized soon Smile

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Of course we remember you! It's so good to hear from you. I would love to see pics so I will definitely pm you my number and you can brag about her all you want Smile