Hi...New here!

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Hi...New here!

Hi everyone!:wavehello:
I'm late to the party, but wanted to introduce myself since it looks like I'm here to stay. I'm Erin and I have 2 little boys (1.5 and 3.5) and we are expecting our third either in late October or early November. I was really cautious this time since we had a loss last fall, but this little one looks strong and we can't wait to find out pink or blue!

My first u/s was at about 7.5 weeks and we saw the little heart beating away (yay!) and then we had another at 12.5 weeks. The tech said baby measured more like 13.5 weeks then, which is more in line with what I thought about our timing, so we'll see if my OB changes my due date from November 5th at the 20 week u/s.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!!

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Congrats and welcome!

Personally I'd keep the later due date. It gives your body extra time to work if needed and your doctor will leave you alone for another week!

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Welcome! And a big Congrats!

I'd personally rather take my sooner due date of November 20th then the tech's mistake of December 17th, lol. But ya, I'd take the later November one too... but really, most babies come when they want!

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Hi and welcome! The ladies here have been really great. I look forward to getting to know you.

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welcome Smile How exciting Smile

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Congrats and welcome!

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Welcome!!! The more the merrier!! Im technically due in Oct too, but I love these ladies over here, so i am not going anywhere!

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Welcome!!!! Smile

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Hi and Welcome... I'm TECHNICALLY due in December but I'll have a C-section in November. My doctors office strongly reccomends VBAC's but after my last experience the doctor told me NEVER to try that again.

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Welcome and congrats

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Welcome!!! I'm Tiffany! Also on my 3rd. My other 2 are a bit older than yours. I am due Nov. 1 but will have a c sec in October. This is a great board with great ladies!

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welcome, welcome!!

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Thanks everyone Smile I'm so glad to be here! I agree with you all - our 2 boys came when they were ready and I'm definitely not going to rush this little one either.

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congratulations and welcome to the board!!!

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Welcome and congrats! I'm due the end of Oct as well but love the ladies here so I joined both!