High Risk Appt.

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High Risk Appt.

Well I had my high risk consultation today. I kind of thought they would probably just see that I've been doing well with the illness and send me on my way. Not so much. I'm going to be awful busy driving the hour back and forth to the high risk doc's office for the next 7 months. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

I have a chronic immune condition that causes me to have a suppressed immune system. Well, since pregnancy suppresses it anyway I'm at a much higher risk for dangerous infections. They said they worry most about vaginal or uterine infections and basically made it sound like DTD is going to be a huge chore if I want to do it in a way that lowers my risk for infection. Lol. I'm going to have urine cultures done once a month whether I have symptoms of UTIs or not since I have a history of pretty bad kidney infections and stones. Looks like I'll have an appointment every two weeks and they said very frequent ultrasounds. They said right now the goal is to keep me pregnant especially since I had fertility issues. I'm almost 9 weeks according to their model so at least I'm on the higher side of the first trimester now.

They've also told me to call them for anything and everything. If I get an infection of any kind, even sinus, they want to treat it. Also it looks like I'll be delivering at a different hospital and probably with a different doctor than I thought. I love my usual OB and I trust him with my life so this part scares me. The high risk practice has around 30 doctors including the residents and it could probably be any of them when it comes time to deliver and I may not even know who they are. That freaks me out a little. Other than that though they seem really determined to keep me as healthy as possible and are taking precautions that probably need to be taken. This illness can get dangerous really fast and this is my first pregnancy so they have no idea how I'll respond. I've already had one bad sinus infection and I currently have a pretty bad case of thrush that's in my throat and esophagus...AGAIN. They're taking care of that one now.

AHH! It's all so overwhelming. I'm a little freaked out even though I think it's the right thing to do to go through all of this. I just can't wrap my head around it all.

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Its good that they are keeping such a good eye on you. A friend of mine has gotten bacterial vaginosis with each of her pregnancies. With her 1st one it went un diagnosed. It ended up rupturing her membranes early. I had to see a high risk specialist with my first. my OB wanted me to have a consult to get more info about my risks with my OI. I also saw a genetisis and a high risk ultrasound specialist in the same trip. The genetisis really didnt know much about OI... we schooled her a bit. It was nice to see DS#1 big on the screen. The high risk ob specialist rubbed me the wrong way. Making it seem like she thought I was an idiot for not wanting to have an amnio.... how could I have a baby with OI, let alone OI and downs. (I was 21 at the time... no family history of downs.. right, high risk that I would have an OI kid with downs, right?) So, I didnt ever go back to her. My regular OB was good enough for me. I do have a little higher risk of losing more blood after delivery (because of my connective tissues not being what they should, it could take longer for my uterus to clamp back down... hasnt been a problem with my last 3 deliveries). The biggest issue is that there is always a 50/50 chance of my baby having OI. Just means extra ultrasounds, watching the babies for signs of OI, just so they know what to expect when the baby comes.. DD had to have a full body exam, as well as xrays when she was born.

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As Kier said, it sounds great that they are looking after you so carefully!

I completely understand about being concerned about not knowing who will deliver your baby, is there any way around this?

How have you felt (apart from normal symptoms) so far? I have a friend who has a similar issue, and she was told that it would either get better or worse during pregnancy...for her it seems to have gotten better which is great for her Biggrin Have you been told this too?

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Just keep reminding yourself that at least if anything is going on, they'll catch it! I know it's a pain to drive farther away - in order to have a VBAC I have to be seen an hour away in a different city. I know that drive will wear on you fast! Maybe get some books on CD to make the drives a bit more enjoyable? ((hugs))