Holy Pressure!

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Holy Pressure!

Ever since I woke up today, I've been having a LOT of pressure. Mostly just downward, but also in my bum :eek:

Along with that, I've had terrible nausea the past few mornings, and a few painful contractions here and there amidst my pretty regular BH so I'm wondering what little guy is trying to do to me! I don't know if he can drop any lower than he already is without falling out!!

Anyone else having a lot of pressure yet? My doctors office keeps telling me it's just a 3rd pregnancy, but as I'm getting close to 35 weeks, I am wondering what's up down there and if he's trying to find a way out yet. I want him to stay in there till he is good and ready to come out, but I must say that when he does, I'm going to be so relieved!!

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I'm right there with ya. I swear wee dude has decided that he wants to help with the move. It def. happens earlier with each kid, from my experience. Your body just knows what to do

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Now that Zoe has finally flipped head down again (she just did that 2 nights ago from transverse) I've been feeling lots of very low internal stretching and pressure. I find it encouraging that things are going in the right direction! Sadly these early/pre contractions can go on for awhile! Supposedly they help move the baby around into better positions and gets your body where it'll have a faster, smoother birth in the end. Hope you can stay positive and survive the final weeks. ((hugs))

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I am definitely feeling pressure now that Cricket is starting to spend more time head down. Ugh. I know its good for him to be head down but it is so darn uncomfortable!