Home sweet home...

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Home sweet home...

After 8 weeks we are finally all home as a family!! We finally got to bring Bria home today!!! She was 4 lbs on the nose and is now sleeping soundly in my room Smile I am so thrilled to have her here finally! It felt like this day was never going to come!! Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes!! They really paid off!

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Yay!!! So good to hear Smile

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Yay!! Welcome home, Bria! Yahoo

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Yahoo Woot! That is great news!

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Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! That is such awesome news! so happy for you Smile

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Congratulations! I had a 33.5 weeker with my first, although he didn't have the IUGR issue, he spent 17 days in the NICU. Going home day is the absolute best! So happy to hear you have her home and everyone together. It's hard enough having a newborn without juggling visits to the NICU. Enjoy your sweet baby girl! Biggrin

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Welcome home Bria!

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Welcome home Bria!

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yea Amber! So happy and thrilled for you and your family! Welcome home Bria!!!

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Can't wait to see pictures of her at home!!!!

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Sebastian was in for 3 weeks and then of course Sammy for 97 days so I completely understand the joy of finally getting your baby home. I am happy to hear and hope you and her are doing well