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I seriously don't think this baby likes me very much. Last night I spent an hour or so sobbing on DH for no particular reason. I may have been overtired, but theres not much I can do about that other than a good nights sleep, and that has never been my forte. I can go to bed earlier but then I wake up more often in the middle of the night. I'm just ready for the first trimester to be over already and knowing I still have four full weeks isn't helping.

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I was a sobbing mess on Monday night. I know how you feel!

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Im into my 2nd trimester and I still cant sleep and am a sobbing mess often! My baby doesnt like me much either!! I hope we all get over these crazy hormones very very soon!

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I often find myself crying over things that really don't need to be cried over XD or snapping at my husband or DS for no good reason other than I've had a total mood swing all of a sudden and don't feel like putting up with anyone's crap! aren't hormones the greatest? At least we all know it won't last forever!

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Awwww, big hugs to you. I've been pretty hormonal lately as well. More so this time than with my older 2 boys. I've been feeling the need to cry a lot and really just laughing a lot at inappropriate times. Hopefully things chill out for us all soon! :o)

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The emotional side of the hormone changes have definitely affected me more this pregnancy than with DS! I've seriously shed tears while watching Elmo, The Muppets movie, a Grey's Anatomy commercial, and the fact that the dishwasher was on the wrong setting for a wash. DH hasn't said a word, but he's given me looks like I should be committed.

And sleep? What's that? Blum 3