Hospital Necessities

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Hospital Necessities

As we get closer and closer to the end, what to bring with to the hospital becomes a big topic. Btdt mommas, what hwve you found that is a must to bring with? Who is already packed, and if you arent, when will you?

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Car Seat: just got mine cleaned up, car seat cover my"installed" (its getting COLD here) inserts and straps adjusted... Now, just gotta install the base into my van.

Stuff for baby (baby bag): recieving and regular blankets, a take home outfit, hat, paci and bottle VB of choice (if you are using them right away) and a baby book to fill out. I am putting mine together today Smile

Mommy's bag: 2 outfits to wear home, one loose fitting, comfy, maternity outfit, one loose fitting comfy, non maternity outfit... Never know what is going to fit. Nursing bra, if you are nursing. Camera, cell phone, toiletries including shaver, shampoo, and conditioner in a plastic baggy (incase of leaks). Note book to record notes from labor, to journal, anything you want. Extra hair ties or clips. Any music you want played, or anything else like that. Phone list for DH or you of people to call... Including ins co. to let them know of baby's arrival. I personally dont bring my own pjs, pillows, blankets, etc to use while Im there. With all the bleeding after, id rather it leak on their stuff than mine. This time i do plan on bringing my own birth ball, since the ones they have are always too tall/big for me. I think im going to wait and pack my bag after my appt this week and know more of what is going on with wee dude and me, and what my new ob is thinking.

Bag for DH: Comfy clothes, pjs, comfy foot wear, comforter and pillow, any toiletries he may need, a baggy of change for the vending machine, reading material, games, and other things to do...include some of these things that you like. His cell phone, phone charger extra batteries for camera. I will probably start this bag when i start packing mine, and have DH pack the rest as the time gets closer.

If you have other kids, a bag of toys, coloring books, crayons, and other things to keep them occupied at the hospital when they visit. Maybe a gift from the baby to give them?

If your kids are going somewhere else while you are in the hospital, a bag for the clothes, and other things they will need... I personally am hoping that someone can come stay here with mine, but we shall see.

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I went to get all my toiletries last weekend, so right now i just have them packed in my travel toiletrie bag. i'm going to pack the rest of the stuff at the end of the month.

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Ugh, seeing as how I have to leave town at 37.5 weeks I really should be working on this.... I'm definitely starting to feel the pressure. :?

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Great list Kier. I am actually supposed to be packing my bag right now. It's on the Sunday to do list. I packed the baby's bag yesterday. We are suuposed to be going home right after I ge tout of the hospital but you never know so I have diapers, wipes, travel shampoo/wash set, cream, pacifiers ( 2 kinds) receiving blanket, 3 different going home outfits, one if it's warm ( I live in Cali), one if it's so-so out and one if it's cold.

For me, couple pairs of sweats, socks, makeup, my own shampoo/ conditioner and soap, lotion, slippers, pillow, hair tie, barrettes, camera, book/magazine, halloween makeup ( hubby has a gig the next day and I'm having a c section and he and the kids will be going in costume and uh...I still need to get them ready for that Wink video camera, baby book, chap stick, not sure what else just yet.

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I'll probably pack after my 36 week appt. For myself, I usually pack sweatpants/comfy pajamas, toiletries, makeup, chapstick, phone & charger, camera, deck of cards, book, pillow, Boppy... For baby, 3 outfits (one for going home, one for hospital pictures, and one extra in case of spit up), burp cloths, and baby book. I just use the hospital baby blankets and little t-shirts. They provide diapers and wipes while there. I don't introduce pacis until BFing is established for at least a week, so won't need those. Hmm...that's all I can think of right now. I should really copy this list so I don't have to rethink it!

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I haven't bothered packing yet. Probably won't bother till 38 weeks. I had a pretty paired down list with my son and still felt like I had too much on me! I did have a separate bag with baby stuff that DH brought to me after birth. I plan to do that again.
I used their toiletries there. I honestly didn't care one bit. 36 hours after my c/s with DS I was home. I request zero hospital visitors anyways. (They had shampoo, conditioner, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc there!) I'm fine wearing their gowns and/or going naked for labor, using their gown and footies during my stay, etc.

Labor Bag:
Glasses and my contact supplies
Hair brush
Manual breast pump (yes, for labor just in case)
Depends (really - in the beginning with DS the underwear had to be changed with the pad figured I'd just do an all in one step instead lol - I'll switch to mama cloth at home when my small package of depends runs out)
iPod loaded up with hypnobabies tracks and 2 sets of Dollar Tree headphones (in case they get wet in the tub and/or shower)
Hypnobabies birthing guides for DH
Copies of our birth plan just in case
Water bottle
Snacks "for DH"( to be snuck to me) - peanut butter crackers, nuts, granola bar, etc)
Both cameras with charged batteries
Cell phone and charger
Change of clothes for DH
Change for vending machines (DH was grateful for this since he decided he didn't want any of my healthy snacks and wanted their chips instead! :p)
My driver's license and military ID

Baby Bag:
Clothes for Zoe (newborn shirts mostly since she'll be in cloth diapers and wool longies more than likely, so won't be using their supplied onesies; socks; and a jacket for going home)
Basic cloth diapering supplies (though I'll put one diaper in my regular bag - and I'll just use their supplied wipes)
BFing supplies: lanolin, nursing pads, BFing book/LC contact info/LLL group contact info, nursing bra, Boppy
A&A swaddling blankets
Couple of Gerber flats (I use them as burp cloths which will be a necessity for the drive back I'm sure)
Going home clothes for me (very stretchy yoga pants, nursing friendly shirt, jacket, socks, slip on shoes)
iPad and charger (entertainment - movies, internet, reading, magazines, etc)
Baby carriers - right now thinking my linen ring sling, Moby, and a shorty woven wrap)

Car seat installed in car (washing the cover is actually on my to do list for tomorrow!)
Small suitcase packed for DS (he'll be staying with my SIL for a couple of days hopefully when the time comes)

Sure I'm forgetting stuff.

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I've got the baby's bag packed: Diapers, wipes, burp rags (old cloth diapers), 2 receiving blankets (it's getting pretty cold here already so we'll use these for in the car seat), 3 outfits, bottle, butt paste, baby powder, that's about it. I'll get the car seat installed at the end of the month.

For me I won't pack until a week before, my packing is pretty simple, I tend to just us the stuff at the hospital. So 2 changes of clothes (maternity shirts, yoga pants, socks, extra undies) extra pads, my own toiletries, my contacts and glasses, hair ties.

I leave it up to my DH to pack the camera, we're not having visitors so we don't need to call people. My kids both have extra clothes already stored at my MIL house so no need to pack for them. We're just keeping it simple this time.

I just have to coordinate calling my MIL on the day of my c-section depending on when we can go in. I have to call at 6 a.m. and they let me know to come in at 8 or 9 a.m. If 8 my MIL will come to our house, drop DS off at kindergarten, then stay at our house with DD, pick DS up from kindergarten and then come up to the hospital. If 9 a.m. we'll drop him off and let MIL stay with DD at our house and she'll just have to pick him up.

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I'm actually packing mine today. Pretty similar to Kier's list. The hospital provides dipes and wipes so I won't worry about that. I do have my own L&D gown I got for free through my blog to take. I would never pay for one but hey it was free Smile DH also got a pair of daddy scrubs thru the blog so we'll take those. Toiletries, comfy lounging clothes (yoga pants and a tee), comfy outfit to wear home, my own pillow and a soft blanket. I have a cool outfit for the baby that's reversible blue on one side and pink on the other for the baby to wear right away. I have a take home outfit for each but we'll have to see boy or girl first and then my mom will wash the right one and bring to the hospital. I had almost forgotten about the baby book! Thanks Kier! On a side note,with DS5 I had DH pick up the bay book at walmart. Had it packed and ready to go. After DS was born, he pulled the book out of the bag to put his footprints in it and it was USED! Several pages had already been filled out! DH never thought to open it at the store. Who would ever think it would be used?! I was so mad but the nurses were really sweet. They gave us a plastic ink kit thing so we could just do his footprints ourselves the next day after DH exchanged the baby book.

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Man, this is like the one thing I haven't even thought about. Probably because I hate packing. I can't even remember what I took last time...
We are delivering at the birth center so we don't even spend one night there so I won't be packing too much. They allow you to leave 4-6 hours after your birth so long as everything went well. Then they do a home visit the next day.

I know I will take these things:
phone & charger
swaddling blankets
outfit home for baby
comfy clothes to wear home
healthy food/gatorade/ bottled water(we are allowed to bring stuff to eat & drink during labor.)
scented candles
I think that might about it for us!

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My hospital provides Everything including snacks, aromatherapy, massage, etc. :). I am taking a few of my own toiletries, although they provide hotel like products, the camera, charger, etc. and going home outfits. They have nursing gowns and slippers, so I'll wear those while I'm there. I am taking a couple of Halloween hats for the birth day. Can't have a baby on Halloween and not do that!

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"claireCJ" wrote:

Man, this is like the one thing I haven't even thought about. Probably because I hate packing. I can't even remember what I took last time...

I know, me either! I suppose I'd better start thinking of packing soon. I'm glad for the lists everyone else has made. Hopefully it will jog my memory and I'll be somewhat prepared for this baby... maybe.... Blum 3

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eek, I haven't even entertained the idea of packing a bag yet! I've been toying with the idea of sewing up a suitcase/weekender bag...that sounds more exciting to me than actually packing the bag! I've had the pattern and fabric for over a year...this seems like the perfect excuse to finally make it!

I'm pretty minimalist though...with the rest of the kids at home, I'm sure DH will be back and forth a few times...he can bring whatever I've forgotten. I tend to leave the hospital as soon as possible anyway - I hate being there!

Jackie, I was wondering if bringing a baby wrap is a good idea. Hmmm...I just bought a Mobyish wrap online. It's a Solly Baby...last years bamboo wraps went on clearance last week so I snapped one up. Hopefully it's as good as a Moby!

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I just finally started to pack- I figured the longer I put it off the better chance of the baby coming early I'd have- haha like jinx myself!

With DS- I barely unpacked my bag. I wore their gowns the whole time and wore the clothes I wore to the hospital home- and only put one outfit on the baby the day we went home- so really didnt use/need much.

This time I'm gonna try to be more... aware... haha.. and actually get up and shower and get dressed and put makeup on and dress the baby.. and not be so out of it.

I didnt plan on packing diapers/wipes because I remember how they have pampers there and you get to bring them home- but was informed that they dont have wipes just towels you get wet- so I packed my own wipes..

Babies bag has outfits- headbands, hats, socks, blankets, wipes, binky, swaddlers, umm tons of junk!!
My bag so far has "littles"- which are what I call those mini things you buy, mini shampoo, soaps, toothpaste, a gown type thing for myself and a maternity/nursing tank, gonna go get a couple more nursing bras since I lost mine, some socks.. couple books and dvds and soduku... I need to remember camera/ charger... makeup... gum/mints..

I dont live that far frm the hospital- and since we have DS Im sure kevin will be coming and going to the house and back- so really nothings really THAT important that he cant run to the store for/run home/have somebody bring me so Im not really that concerned- even if we dont bring carseat he can come get it the next day- so I'm not really stressing about it- which is suprising because Im usually an over-planner!!