How do you...

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How do you...

survive pregnancy? I'm not talking about dealing with the ailments, I mean the long stretch of time (10 months, to be exact) till you little one is here?

Personally, I break it down into milestones:
10 weeks, or 1st ultrasound, which ever comes first... hearing the baby's heart beat, or seeing the baby
13 weeks... end of the 1st trimester, and risk of miscarriage dropping
20 weeks... 1/2 way there, anatomy ultrasound, when (if you have trouble) most hospitals send you back to the OB floor.
24 weeks... viability, and for me, when I started having time able contractions with DD
28 weeks... chances for baby's survival outside the womb jumps dramatically, glucose test, and for me, where I started having time able contractions with DS2... also, for most, where checkups go to every 2 weeks.
30 weeks... where I started having time able contractions with DS1
32 weeks... where my niece (step sister's DD) was born and was only in the NICU for 10 days
33 weeks... when my fetal fib test came back pos, I started dilating, and was hospitalized for 5 days with DD
36 weeks.... when my water broke with DS2, and both him and DD were born. Also, for most, where appts go to once a week, and some doctors start checking you for cervical changes.
37 weeks... term....

I really havent thought much past that, just because I only made it past 37 weeks with one of my kids. I dont look all the way to my EDD at this point. I am just looking a head the 2.5 more weeks till I am 24 weeks at the moment. I just take it one milestone at a time Smile

What about all of you?? how are you making the months not seem as long....

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For me, so far, it's flying by. I'm not measuring, just enjoying the last tome I know I can ask for help without being looked at funny.

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I'm just trying to enjoy it even if it does seem I have more aches and pains this time around because we plan on this being our last.

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With my son I expected to go to 40 weeks and just took the end one day at a time. When I hit 41 weeks I was NOT a happy camper. This time I'm mentally ready for a 42 week pregnancy and count down to THAT date! Last pregnancy I did celebrate all those little milestones (viability, etc), but this time DS is keeping me so busy that I haven't even cracked open a pregnancy book! lol

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this is my first one, but i have been going by the milestone appointments - and right now i just enjoy feeling her move... i also just go by my regular monthly dr visits, because I CANNOT believe that August 10 is my last appointment of the 2nd trimester!

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I am honestly goign by how many weeks I have left of work.. LOL! But really, milestones. I mean, heck, almost 6 months pregnant already, WTH? It's flying by..

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Honestly, my little ones are so demanding right now that I dont even really think so much about being preggo until I lay down at the end of the night and can feel her moving around!! I make sure I am eating enough during the day, but other than that I dont have much time to think about it, unless Im looking in the mirror of course!! Smile

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I don't think about it much either, I am so busy with Ellie's treatments and with the other three kids. I can't believe the second tri is almost over. I really only have about 14 weeks to go. Amazing!

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I have been going by weeks. Each week the baby gets a little bigger and I feel like I can relax a little bit more. This pregnancy seems to be flying by!! I can't even believe how fast the time has gone because my last pregnancy felt like it lasted forever. I agree with Jackie about trying to look at 42 weeks as the end rather than 40(just in case.) I had DS 5 days earlier than his due date, but you never know. Every baby is different!