How is everybody feeling these days?

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How is everybody feeling these days?

I have been feeling emotional, but it's odd outbursts of crying. 2 times in the past few days I am just sitting there and I get a heavy cry come on from out of nowhere - not a hysterical cry - just a very tear flowing kind of cry that hits me out of nowhere!

Friday night DH and I were eating dinner and as soon as we finished I just started outright crying because I felt scared of losing our relationship, pretty much because since i've been pregnant I have no sex drive and i want it back - i miss being romantic with him and i miss the things we used to do. my sister assures me that all comes back and you're even closer after baby - i totally trust in that, and i can't wait... i just got nostalgic, i guess. so i told him my fears and he was really sweet and we had an impromtu date night - which wasn't much of anything at all except for a shower together and laying in bed watching TV together.

Lately he sleeps on the couch because he snores A LOT and i'm very uncomfortable so it's just been easier that way - but neither one of us would prefer it to be that way, so the past 2 nights we've shared the bed, even though his snoring got to me last night, i didn't care, i just wanted him with me, so that was nice.

today i had another cry outburst - it was on the way back from food shopping, i think it exhausted me and i am pretty much a control freak and since i was so exhausted i didn't ant to put the groceries away - of course DH doesn't have a problem doing it, he offered to because he saw how worn out i was, but i like to put the groceries away because i like to do it a certain way LOL... he actually did a good job, everything is in the right place! haha...

so other than that i'm ok, tired, emotional, bored a little bit. i woke up SO EARLY today because of the time change, and i am making a roast beef dinner tonight! for the first time, i never made roast beef before, i'm excited about it! i have it in oven right now and it smells amazing, roast beef, mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus and red cabbage! sorry thats off topic but i can't wait to eat this meal and i hope it comes out as good as my Mom's usually does! ha!

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I have been a bit more emotional. Just about the kids, how im going to handle juggling their schedules, and a newborn's. Last night my mom was up and we all stayed at my sisters. DH and I slept on the couch since it was closer to the bathroom, and my mom slept upstairs. I woke up to my niece and nephew, and once I helped my sister get them set up in her room with food/bottle, went to the bathroom, I didnt want to lay back down just because it meant not being by DH. So, I went to where he was laying and sat and leanes onto him so that i could hear his heartbeat.

My stomach was bothering me so I got up and got something to eat, thinking it was probably that. Once my mom and my younger 2 got up her, my BIL, and I took 3 of the kids and went to do a walmart run. I found a cute sleeper for wee dude... And promptly had to run to the bathroom. The rest of the day I have been feeling terrible... What are the chances that I have now had the stomach flu twice with in 2 weeks? My sister wonders if this is me going into labor... I am having more contractions, but i think im just dehydrated. I also think that someone is making me so miserable so that I will be more ok with this being my last pregnancy.

Between how uncomfortable I am, all this early labor crud, and not feeling well so much, I am so done Sad

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Haven't mentioned it on here, but I have been ranting about this on my lodge. I think I may have a mild case of PUPPPS. Red rash, bumps, itching like CRAZY. It's all over my belly and spreading to my sides now. Ugh. I'm so so so so so over this already! MW last week said it was new stretch mark irritation, but uhhhh it's obviously way more than that! We'll see what my MW says Wednesday at my appointment.

Sleep is just a daydream between the constant itching and sudden horrendous heart burn that nothing helps.

Emotional mess is putting it lightly. I cry over anything.

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I am so DONE over here. I have had a terrible cough and sinus infection for 5 weeks now. Two rounds of antibiotics later and no improvement. It has been exhausting, not to mention chasing an almost 2 year old all day. So I'm pretty much a wreck over here too. I have an induction scheduled for black friday if she isn't here by then.

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I am at that point where I am so over being pregnant that I don't mind this is our last pregnancy. I am also super emotional and actually moved my maternity leave up a week because I can't take being at work anymore. I cry over everything and co-workers asking me for help is putting me on edge. I just want to yell for them to take care of it themselves.

Between working and then going home to the kids alone, doing diner, bath time and bedtime by myself because DH is at work I am just exhausted. So Friday will be my last day. I'll have a week at home to do some final cleaning and cooking and just take naps, and then Monday the 19th we're set for baby day. I can't wait.

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I am so sorry you guys are feeling like this, but thank you for posting. I am a emotional, bxtchy wreck ...mostly at night after oh about 6 pm. But my tummy just plain hurts that late at night now between braxton hicks that usually kick in around that time. I recognize it and try to keep it in mind, but I can not help it. Going to the store for groceries is a big chore too let alone putting all the crap away, my belly just aches and I get some BH. I do not remember getting them that much or having my belly just hurt...this much anyways.

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hugs to all of you!!! I haven't been as emotional as I thought I'd be right now but, beyond stressed is about where it's at. We'll hopefully be closing on our new house within the first couple weeks of December so, I've been trying to pack up this one a lot while I can-I know I'll be pretty useless for the first couple of weeks after baby girl is born.
I have noticed that I've been a lot shorter with my 8 year old though. Poor guy. I need to keep in mind that he really is such a good boy but, like any kid he's going to "forget" things I tell him so, repeating myself a million times is standard operating procedure. Wink
I go back and forth with wanting this pregnancy to be over. Tomorrow I go for my final ultrasound to determine her size for a safe delivery. She is my third and final baby so, I am relishing every movement but, am extremely uncomfortable. Also, the sooner she comes, the less packing/prepping for the move I'll be able to do. (Being the control freak I am-I can't let DH do the packing-he hasn't been labeling boxes so, I've been a little nuts-lol)
So, heres to an easy breezy end of pregnancy for all of us-can't wait to see all of those beautiful babies!!! Smile

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I think maybe we are all feeling so done because this is baby #2 or more for most of us. Not sure if this is our last pregnancy or not, but either way, I'm ready to be done!

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Overly emotional, very very very emotional, mostly over nothing... This weekend my 16 year old stepson came to live with us and while I love him dearly I'm concerned because now we have a soon to be newborn a teenager and a 5 year old... And we've been the fun house for years and years and I'm concerned that he won't take to discipline well.

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Today marks the longest I've ever been pregnant without being in active labor. I suppose I shouldn't complain - I still have a week until my due date - but it's a bit of a shock for me. I was so sure he would be born earlier than DD.

Other than that, I feel pretty good for 39 weeks. I cry at the drop of a hat, but since my mom came to help me I haven't had any reason to cry. Smile I can feel my body slowing down. I was really struggling on our walk last night, although I'd just climbed a mountain the week before. So that burst of energy I felt last week has pretty much disappeared. But overall I can't complain. If this is the worst I feel from here on out, then I'm very lucky.

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I can tell I'm shorter with Kostas and DH but I'm not super emotional, mainly just because I keep a pretty tight rein on my emotions... Once the floodgates open, they don't shut until I sleep and reset... LOL

My biggest issue right now is my pelvis. I am starting to be in a lot of pain a lot more often Sad

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I am in so much pain today I dont know how Im going to get anything done, let alone keep up with the littles. Getting Ds1 to school this morning was a challenge and I feel terrible for how much yelling I did.

Last night I had a ton of contractions that really hurt in my back and down into my thighs. Its hard to tell if it means that wee dude is sunny side up or not. I tend to have a lot of back and hip trouble with my OI and the fact that the vertebrae just above my pelvis is slipped forward. I looked up spinning babies and tried an inversion where you have your knees up on a couch and your hands on the floor on a pillow. It felt great, but I did have way more contractions pain and pressure after doing it .. Including the back, hip, pelvis

I finally called and got an
appt with a new chiropractor
today. She is trained to work with pregnant women speciffically in the webster technique. I am really hoping that it helps... 3:00 really can not come fast enough.

I am also hoping to talk DH into letting me get a prenatal massage.. Hoping I can find someone around here that isnt too pricey

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oh man, that really stinks, Kier. I hope you get relief for your new chiropractor and are able to go for that massage!

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Exhausted. Emotional. Done for. lol I'm swollen EVERYWHERE (even my corneas- no joke)

And like you, I have been having the "I miss our relationship" like it was... luckily, since I am term now, we can have sex.... So it's been a bit better... The SO doesn't really care, he knows I'm uncomfy... I've been the one sleeping on the couch, because it's helped with the acid reflux.

And blah my hands hurt so bad from the carpal tunnel. Hence why I am not posting anymore Sad

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Definately feel like my body is gearing up! I didn't have all these twinges and loss of mucus plug with DS, so i'm hopeful that things are slowly starting. Feeling a lot more pressure down low today. Emotionally in a better place than I have been recently!