How much B6 is too much???

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How much B6 is too much???

Yesterday I was having a really nausous, weak, day. So, I finally took the B6 I had bought a while ago, and by the evening I was able to eat a bit more, and was feeling much better... still a little quezy, but nothing like I have been feeling. Today, I have had a couple of stop me in my track moments, but also, nothing like I had been having. Then, I was looking at the bottle at where it said that they are 100 ml tablets... and I was only supposed to take 25ml (cutting the tablets into 4ths). So, now I am afraid that I took too much and that I could be hurting the baby. That, and a little worried that I am not feeling the way I have been... that my symptoms could just be disappearing and meaning something really bad. What do you guys think???

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I'm no expert, and especially B6 with pregnancy I don't know...but I use to give my kids something like 2000+ the daily recommended of B6 and B12. It's really difficult to od on B vitamins.

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I wouldn't panic over harming your baby just yet. There's a pretty good filter going on for your baby. Smile

Found these:
Seems to me that you haven't taken nearly enough to truly "overdose" and I bet most issues are from taking too much over a period of time, not just one day ya know? Maybe cut your pills in half.

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I would just ask your doc- but from what I know of vitamin b its water soluable so what you dont "use" gets peed out basically..I used to double up on b6 a LOT in order to get preg, i took the 100mg or whatever for a while when I first got pregnant but have been lazy and stopped taking them sense