I am here at the drs!

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I am here at the drs!

Waiting for my ultrasound!! I am soooo freakin nervous!! I wish my dh was here. I will update after I get it done. Wish me luck!!!

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luck.... cant wait to hear how it goes Smile

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Can't wait to hear how it went!!

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Yay!! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Praying for you.

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I'm starting to worry that she didn't get good news???

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I hope you have just been so busy with excitement that you haven't had time to post Smile Look forward to seeing some pics of your lil bean Biggrin

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Oh I hope all went very well! I can't seem to get this forum to load on my phone so I always have to come home and get on the computer. L(

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Hope things went well! Thinking of you!

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Thinking of you, hope everything is ok. Will say a prayer! Hope to see good news in the morning!

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Hope everything went great today! I'll be checking in to see how you are! T&P being sent your way!

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