I feel like a kid...

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I feel like a kid...

I am feeling horrid again tonight. A combo of exhaustion, nausea, and hunger. I have tried eating a few things, each just making it worse. My husband is being wonderful... cleaning the kitchen, the living room, getting the kids's easter baskets set out, the eggs hidden, and getting me different things to try to eat... all while I lay on the couch. Right now the only thing that has sparked my interest is Mac and Cheese. Hes in the process of making that now. I feel like such a kid, picky, being lazy on the couch, asking for Mac and Cheese. lol.

Anyone else feeling this? I am really thinking that this is a girl... she just doesnt know what she wants lol. DD was the same way. At least with the boys it was straight forward... when I was sick, I was sick. When I was hungry, I ate, when I was tired, I would sleep. Having it all roll into one is just un nerving Sad But, I am going to force my self to stay up, eat something, hopefully keep it down, and then, go to bed.

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Kier, I could have written that exact post...I have been feeling absolutely miserable (1000 x worse when i take the sea bands off at night).

one minute the thought of something (food) makes me want to curl up and die the next minute i cant see how I can continue to live if I cannot eat it right this moment! I am craving food i usually HATE like Burger king cheese burgers and Pizza hut pizzas. I am not a fast food kind of person at all but i'll be driving around and be really tempted to pull into the drive through which is sooo not like me. I totally feel like a teenager.

Oh and not to mention the fact that I am covered in pimples too!

I am loving being pregnant and I am so grateful for this pregnancy, so I just need to keep reminding myself of the prize at the end!

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Yes, definitely. I've apologized to DH more than once for being an extra person for him to take care of. I'm not the best housekeeper to begin with, and being pregnant just makes things worse. My poor DH has been super sweet about it, though. One day I told him that I was such a bad wife, that I wasn't able to do anything to contribute to the family. He gave me a stern look and said, "You're gestating a baby!" Smile

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I tell my man he's an angel and a saint most days, rubbing my back and all that...

All I do is cry, puke (finally, about 3 days now, I have intense nausea, in the morning at around 9 and then again at 11-ish i dry heave... it sucks but, I guess I asked for it, lol), I can't eat for one anymore, much less for two.... my face is covered in acne, but not like regular acne, I have those pimples that are under the skin and they hurt so so much. My hips and lower back are starting to hurt when I walk too much or am sitting on somethign hard.... but, I so can't wait to see the end result!

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I was like that with DS! Only I wanted tater tots for dinner. It was the only thing that didn't sound horrible to me for three days in a row. Lol
I am able to eat so far this pregnancy, only it makes me feel worse afterwards. I pretty much keep light to medium nausea 24/7. It's different than it was with DS, but not exactly worse if that makes sense.

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Mandy- with DS1 I craved burgers lol. With both of my boys I broke out on my body, not as much on my face. With DD and this time its on my face. It doesnt help that I ran out of my face wash Sad

Harmony- I cried reading what you said about your DH. What a sweet guy. I totally get what you mean about not being that great at keeping up with house work, and it being worse being pregnant. With 3 kids, I am at a loss to begin with... now, I have all but given up till I get past this first part and get to where I'm feeling ok again. Ps. I just noticed that you are a week past your last miscarriage milestone. I am so so happy for you guys Smile

Renee- I am starting to get the back/hip issues too. I have problems with those areas in general with my back and other med issues (I have a vertebra that has slipped forward, and my OI makes my ligaments and stuff wacky with out being prego) I kinda expect it. But, I'm starting to notice that I cant stay in certain positions for too long, and at night I am starting to need something between my legs when I sleep on my side. Thinking a chiropractor visit may be in my future... though, I want to wait till after my OB appt at the end of the month... just to be sure that everything is still going ok. ps. yay for due date buddys Smile

Alwayssmile- I totally get what you mean. I have had MS to different degrees with each of my pregnancies. Its true that each pregnancy is different, yet similar lol.

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Ive been like a kid in more of the emotional way! I feel like a cry baby all the time and all I want to do is lay down on the couch! I have aversions to most foods until i start eating them and then most of the time I am ok. I always pewk first thing in the morning and until Ieat something. Its diff then with DD, but I am still sick most of the day. Cant wait to feel somewhat normal again!

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Yesterday after we got home from celebrating Easter at my moms house, I was so tired and cranky that I laid down on the couch and slept for 2 hours. I needed a nap. And I still wasn't in a good mood. I was still tired. And cranky. And while I haven't had anything I've been wanting, I have found lots of things where the thought turns my stomach.