I Had a Baby!

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I Had a Baby!

Well, I woke up on the 28th with a bad cramp - felt like something was wrong, and went to L&D. I knew it wasn't contractions, as the pain was constant. I thought maybe I Was starting a kidney infection or something, but I just knew l&d was a good idea. Also, where I live, the OB at the hospital when you deliver is just any random doctor - I knew my OB was on call on Wednesdays. So, at about 6a.m, we grabbed the baby bag "in case" and headed off.

When we arrived, they got me into the triage area and it was about 7, and they checked me out, and I was 0cm dialated, but I was thin and baby was down. They told me my Dr. would be in at 8a.m, and to hang tight.The abdominal pain was so so sooo bad, but, I knew I was in a good place and just listened to the sound of my baby's heartbeat and rested.

My doctor came by at 9 as he went to the cancer floor first, and the first thing he said was "You missed me so much you came to find me here!", I laughed. He palpitated my stomach and I yelped - he checked me, and I was now 2cm dialated and was effaced - no wonder the pain was constant he said. He was concerned that my uterus was irritated and was concerned about placental abruption. He said "Well, your due date was yesterday, so, let's just go ahead and have a baby today - your pelvis is opening though so we'll see what happens regarding the c-section, ,but it seems like you might be ok".

I was admitted at 9:40 into a birthing room, and at 10:15, he broke my water. There was traces of meconium, so I had to be monitored all day long, and couldn't get in a shower like I so so badly wanted (good thing I had a bath before leaving that morning haha!). They put me on wireless monitors for contractions and baby's heart, and From 10:40-4p.m I walked the halls and walked out my contractions. My SO was so grea the whole time. At around 4 the pain started actually hurting and I asked for a tylenol LOL - honest to God labour did not hurt me too much - it was about as bad as my period cramps normally are - for real. They wouldn't give me tylenol but finally I said "Ok... give me morphine" . I knew it wpuld make contractions come quicker.

At 6:15 I said "The pressure is bad. I need to push" so, I started pushing. After an hour, my dr came in and told me I had a half hour and he was getting an anesthetist and forceps, as baby was stuck under my pelvis... my pushes weren'T enough as I'D get to count of 8 and stop. So I kept trying and trying, at 8:30 p.m, he told me I had 5 minutes, and he had to go in to get him with forceps... I looked at my SO, looked at my mom then the Doctor and said "No, I'm doing this now" -- on no contraction, I pushed him out. Throughout my pushing - I did not cry, yell, swear, nothing, I took it in stride and just rolled with it - my SO says I am his super hero.

I had a dry birth too- that was friggin rough. I did ask them to lube me up or to get butter LMAO.

At 8:40 p.m, I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy - Owen Romeo Gerard . He did not cry as he inhaled and swallowed his meconium. His APGAR at birth was 3. The NICU team was there waiting for him, and after about 15 minutes of suctionning he finally cried. They brought me my baby so I could kiss him, and they took him away. It was the longest few hours until I could see him.

I had a second degree tear and was hemorrhaging so the Dr. worked on me for a good half hour. In this time he told me he was super proud of me, and was happy that I got the birth I Wanted - Seriously, my OB is the most fantastic dr. I have ever met.

Turns out, my pain was because my placenta had started calcifying. There was also some problems with my placenta, so it's at the lab and we are waiting for results. I have about 20 stitches, bbut am well.

Owen was in the NICU until 1a.m. I got to see him at 11, but he could not latch so I had to supplement - he needed food in him and I had no colustrum even. (I see a lactation consultant monday -- I am engorged now so hopefully we can be succesful.) He is healthy, he was just having a hard time breathing. He has blisters on his head from the nurses trying to help him out, and a pretty bad cone but he should be ok.

He is beautiful and handsome and sleeps well and eats well and only cries when hes naked (so right now we are skin-to-skin so I can get him to not be so fussy about it- and on the advice of a public health nurse she said itll get him used to being at my breast,)

Edited to add - he was 7lbs 12ozs at birth and 20.9 inches.

I love being a mom-best feeling in the world!

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Awww. Congrats!!! He is soooo cute. What a birth story, I am glad tp hear that you are doing so well Smile

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Congrats on your sweet boy! I'm glad everything turned out okay with both of you!

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Congratulations on such a handsome boy

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Congrats! What an interesting labor you had. Sorry he and you both had issues afterwards. Sad But he is such a cutie!!!!! :mrgreen:

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Congratulations!!! He is so precious, and I LOVE his name!!!

Sorry that you had a couple of discomforts in there but it seems like it all worked out and now you can enjoy him! Smile

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Thanks ladies... I'm enjoying him.. Except for at night when hes crampy and can't sleep- my poor baby!

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Congrats! What a handsome guy you have!

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He's adorable! So glad you got the birth you wanted!