I had to resign my job

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I had to resign my job

today we had a meeting in terms of my relocation to be out of the area in which the test stands are that emit the solvent.

i couldn't sleep last night and i think my nerves caused me to shake and have my heart pound for about 3 hours straight today, so i've been praying to God that all will be well (and it will) with the pregnancy, pleeeeeease help reassure me that this type of anxiety won't hurt the pregnancy.

anyway, what it came down to is they were willing to relocate me on the condition that half my work day is in the lab nad half is elsewhere... this wasn't good enough for me and i resigned.

my job worked with me, and it was a very civil meeting, they even stated that i must do what i feel is right for my baby, ALTHOUGH THEY DID try to make it seem like the chemicals were 'no big deal' and that infuriated me... neither doctor or geneticist gave me a "get out of here, you'll be fine" which is why my DH and i both came to the conclustion that me resigning is the best bet... i don't plan on going back to work there after i have the baby anyway so now we get a head start on adjusting to 1 income...

although i can try to go on unemployment. my boss was great and true to his word stood by me, i left on good terms wiht everyone and burned no bridges. i've known my boss' wife since i was in 2nd grade (kind of how i got the job and why i felt so bad leaving), she called me up to congratulate me on the pregnancy and see how i was -- also to tell me that if her daughter still had that position (got the position through her daughter, my childhood best friend who is now pregnant also), she would have wanted her to leave to, and she reassured me that i did not leave on bad terms, she also told me my boss felt awful that i had to go through this... i was emotional/crying in the meeting. i thought id be resigning today but it was surreal when it happend. i haven't been without a job since i was 16.

PHEW, that was a lot... now the drama is over and i can finally wrap my head around that im pregnant and enjoy it.

thank you all again for all of your advice and input through these past couple of STRESSFUL weeks.

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I'm glad it all turned out for the best. Now, go relax, maybe a date with DH will help Wink

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I am pleased you were able to leave on good terms and that now you have one less stress to worry about! I hope that your anxiety subsides now that you can relax and know your baby will not be at risk Smile

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thank you mandy and kier

a date sounds nice, i was supposed to cook tonight but been in bed all day w/ headache from the stress and maybe pregnancy related too!

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I hate that the situation led to you resigning your job - sure you would have appreciated the extra months of income! But hopefully now you can really relax and be stress free. I ended up quitting my job at the end of the 1st trimester. I knew we were moving soon anyways, I just moved my last day waaaaay up. It gave me time to coupon and bargain hunt for baby deals, so we didn't actually spend as much money as we had planned on. It worked out. Smile

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OHH, thats a great idea, i should start couponing!!!!! thank you

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Aww, I'm sorry you had to resign. But like you said, it does take practice to live on one income. I've always said it's easier to go from two people one income to three people one income, rather than going from two people two incomes to three people one income.

And now you won't have the extra job stress, which is of course good for both you and the baby. And just remember, if the stress is getting to you too much, that chocolate helps prevent miscarriages. Biggrin

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This was meant to be and it will be so much better for you. Now you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy!

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thank you so much, all of you wow harmony, that is INTERESTING.... and totally amazing that the link is to naturalnews.com to me - that was what i set my homepage to at work! i was the only one i knew that even read that website!!! Wink