I love my new OB

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I love my new OB

My ultrasound and appt went great today. Wee dude is looking great. His abdominal measurement was 35 weeks, his Head measurement was 33 weeks, and his femurs are still 2+ weeks behind. So, if they nix the femur measurement hes measuring right on. They wereable to get a good biophysical profile and that looks great. He was practice breathing away and his movement looked good. His amniotic fluid levels actually measured higher at 22 today.... So, the doctor isnt sure why there is such a difference between the one 2 weeks ago, snd the one today, but averaging the 2, it all looks great Smile My fondal height was only 30 today, but I wonder if he didnt go down far enough on my pubic bone? He did say he would have been concerned had we not had such a good ultrasound before the appt.

As of right now, with things looking so good, he wont induce till i am 39 weeks at the earliest, and would induce if I got to 41 weeks. He thinks that chances are good that given my history Im probably not looking at an induction. If things pick up in the next week, they will stop labor. But as of 35 weeks, next wed, they will let him come. Given my history of early deliveries he is having me go in next week and starting my weekly visits. He is also going to do my strep B test next week as well. He also doesnt see the need to do another ultrasound since we are getting so close to the end, and we know that I have OI and a history of small babies. So, all in all, we are looking good. Now, to just have my contractions chill out a bit for the next week, and for wee dude to stop grinding his fuzzy little head into my cervix so that I can stand for more than a few min at a time lol

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That sounds like a great appointment! i'm so glad your little guy is doing well! Smile

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Glad you like your new OB! Having a provider you like and trust makes a world of a difference. Smile
I do think it's a wise move to start weekly appts already given your contractions and past. Hopefully things will chill out till after 35 weeks! Fundal height can also vary quite a bit. Baby's position can really affect it. Zoe was moving big time while my MW was measuring me last week and it caused a couple of interesting numbers (one low, one really high lol). MW said, "whatever, you're fine I'll just mark it down as on track because she apparently is not going to stop moving!" She said feeling around the uterus after years of experience tells her more, which is why they also do that along with measurements.

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That is great that you love your new OB! That is important. What a relief that he is looking on track and has a good amount of fluid!

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So glad you like your new OB! Sounds like your little one is doing great! Hope the contractions let up and you get some relief!

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Glad everything looks good! I am having the shooting cervical pains too...ouch! Sounds like you will be meeting your little man very soon!