I want Wednesday

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I want Wednesday

Serious, or silly... what are you wanting today?


Oh boy, I have a list lol

1) for my body to chill out... Wait at least another 5 or 6 weeks to start this stuff

2) to be able to sleep comfortably at night, and stop waking up with contractions, or to pee

3) to find THE place for us to move, get our app in, get approved, and move in on the 29th or so

4) for the kids to stop testing my patience... and for my irritability to go down a notch or 2

5) To get the boys registered at their new school, for the school to be GREAT, and that they both get wonderful teachers

6) To get all the ins. stuff figured out, that I will love the OB I switch to, and that I love the OB unit at our new hospital

7) That the house to pack itself, that the move itself goes smoothly and we get settled quickly.

oh man. I could go on and on

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I want:

-Consistant Fall weather (it's definitely a lot nicer and cooler now, but I'd still take 75 degrees and down over an 80 degree day!)
-Energy and motivation to walk EVERY DAY!
-The weeks to go faster and the weekends to go slower... Every weekend i have something exciting to do this month, and DH has weekends off from work, so the weeks drag and the weekends fly right by!

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To be able to sleep an entire night without waking up to pee, get a drink, readjust my hip position or having any weird dreams.

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1. I want my husband's training to end NOW. But that won't happen till December at the earliest. He's putting in 12-15 hour days M-F, and another 4-6 hours on Sunday. Starting in a couple of weeks he'll be adding Saturdays to that. Stupid USAF....*grumble*

2. I want to know without a doubt that we're staying here so that I can feel confident getting DS's room in order and then once he's moved over starting the nursery. It's not like I'm getting any less pregnant here. Blum 3

3. For my son to take a flipping nap again!!!

4. Zoe to stay head down and stop flipping around.

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I want .....
DH and I to find a new home ASAP! We've been looking since February and had since put our home up for sale. Well, it sold a lot quicker than we anticipated it to so, now it's entirely possible we'll be staying with my parents when the baby arrives. Not the most ideal situation. I'm really stressing about my 3rd grader switching schools too. I just want to be moved in and painting walls by now.