Im just going to play with my thumbs here

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Im just going to play with my thumbs here

Soooooo i have to move to December because my IUI has been pushed to March because i was slacking and didnt realize that i had to go back for the clomid, trigger and blood test ughh. So im just going to stay and encourage you ladies Smile

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I am sorry it got pushed back, I have everything crossed for you!

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Dang it Tasha. Sorry you have to wait for another month to pass. I really think it sounds like you're waiting for the best Christmas present ever, though. Smile I think a Dec baby would be so much fun. I can't wait to stalk YOU!

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Sorry you have to wait! When we were starting our first IVF cycle we were halfway to the clinic (almost two hours from home) when the nurse called and told us we wouldn't be able to do whatever was scheduled that day because we hadn't been through the IVF class. The next class was a few weeks away. I flipped. It's frustrating to get mentally prepared and then be put on hold.

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Oh no....I'm sorry your IUI got pushed back! I really hope you get a Christmas miracle!!

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Thanks ladies !! Yea its kind of depressing but what can i do ?! I didnt know i had to do all this extra work lol ! I mean if my uterus just did wat its supposedd to do then i wouldnt have this problem ughh