I'm sick :(

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I'm sick :(

I've got either a nasty cold or the flu, it came on suddenly yesterday morning and I've now been up all night with a 101.8 fever, runny nose, and sore throat. I remember getting a nasty illness when I was pretty far along with DS1 and they told me to just take Tylenol, but I've been doing that all night and it hasn't budged. Anyone know at what temperature (if any) it would be dangerous for the baby? I'm going to try and drink some OJ to get him moving since it seems like he hasn't been kicking much still since my OB visit on Monday.

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There really isnt much else you can take. I would check the dosaging and just make sure that you are taking enough. 101.8 isnt that high, and shouldnt hurt the baby. Just make sure you are staying hydrated and eating. I would def. call if your temp gets up around 103 and isnt going down with tyloal. Hang in there mamma, getting sick is miserable to begin with, let alone when your prego and limited in what you can take Sad

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I agree with Kier. I hope you feel better! Being sick and pregnant is no fun. Sad

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I'm sick too only no fever....yet. My son has had a fever all week. My husband had a fever for one day. *sigh*
Is tylenol brining it down at all? Fevers are okay as long as they're not too high - it's your body's big defense against nasty bugs. It's normal for tylenol to not bring it down to normal, but it should bring it down enough to bring some relief. I don't even give DS anything till he hits 101. If Tylenol isn't working at all to lower the temp I'd be getting seen. If it gets to 102* I'll probably call to let them know and tell them what it's going down to with Tylenol. At 103* I'd be getting seen ASAP since above 103 is known to occasionally affect baby's heart rate and such.
I got really sick with DS's pregnancy int he 3rd tri and it was AWFUL. I'm really hoping I don't get that sick again.

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I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I don't have any advice other than what was already given. I hope you start to feel better soon.

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Me too. I am finally kicking bronchitis. Ugh! Being sick during pregnancy is the worst!