I'm so paranoid

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I'm so paranoid

I'm so paranoid over this pregnancy.
With my light positive test (I know I know, they don't tell you HOW pregnant you are, just tell you yes you are pregnant)
My low HCG level at 15.6 (another blood test today, results on Monday)
My Crazy temping chart (ff is confused too). I have no clue when I ovulated even with the HCG shot.
And my temp is now at 97.9.

Any ideas how to get myself to relax?

On the positive side:
My chest is super tender
I am extremely tired
I've been having morning sickness.

Any idea when I could have ovulated?

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Honestly with everything going on I wouldn't keep charting. With DS I was super paranoid and everyday I just kept repeating to myself "I am pregnant right now and I'm going to enjoy each day that I am pregnant." It's so easy to get caught up in what ifs. ((hugs))

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I have learned to stop temping after I get a few days of positives, because I get overly paranoid about it as well. Try not to worry too much until/unless you have something to worry about!

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Thanks ladies. I appreciate the thoughts and kind words.